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10 Cool Camping Accessories

To make camping trips easier, you need a decent set of equipment. You can find hundreds of gadgets, accessories, and equipment and it can be difficult knowing which items are actually useful! We understand this.

Also, we understand that it can be tricky knowing which products are of good quality and worth the investment! We’ve all had that experience where we buy a highly recommended product, only to find out it’s useless! To help, we have selected 10 cool camping accessories that are high-quality, have great reviews, and actually have a use – enjoy!

1. Campingaz Camp Bistro 2 – Camping Stove

A camping stove is one of the first items you should look to invest in. These portable stoves can be used for many purposes. Firstly, you can boil water to remove impurities and to make hot drinks. Secondly, you can use them to warm up soup, or even cook basic meals.

The Campingaz Camp Bistro 2 is a brilliant stove. It’s small and lightweight and can easily fit in your backpack. Also, the hob and exterior are easy to clean. We also like the simple ignition system, and the control you can have over the size of the flame.

Campingaz Camp Bistro 2 – Camping Stove

Campingaz Camp Bistro 2 – Camping Stove

For fuel, this portable stove takes gas cartridges which can be sold separately. The cartridge also fits snugly inside the stove so it doesn’t take up any more space in your rucksack.

2. Fiskars XS X7 Hatchet

For wilderness camping, a hatchet can be an invaluable tool. A small camping hatchet can primarily be used for chopping firewood. However, they are useful in many other ways, especially if you are traveling through difficult terrain.

The Fiskars XS X7 is one of the top-rated hatchets available. It is relatively small but still offers great purchase and chopping power. Also, the handle is made from weather-resistant material and the head is molded directly onto it. We also love the hardened steel blade which offers great balance when swinging.

Fiskars XS X7 Hatchet

Fiskars XS X7 Hatchet

Depending on your camping trips, you can also get this hatchet in three different sizes up to the X10 which is much longer at 44cm.

3. Stanley FMHTO-10312 Fatmax Premium Pocket Knife

If you don’t need a hatchet, a pocket knife will certainly come in handy. Pocket knives are an essential piece of camping equipment, and you should always carry one with you! You never know when you may need a knife for cutting rope, kindling, or even opening bottles or tins.

The Stanley FMHTO-10312 Pocket Knife is a sturdy and robust product ideal for camping. The tough blade is made from stainless steel and is incredibly sharp. It will cut through branches and rope easily. It also has an ergonomic handle that is comfortable to hold. The inside of the blade also has an integral bottle opener, and at the bottom the blade edge is serrated.

Stanley FMHTO-10312 Fatmax Premium Pocket Knife

Stanley FMHTO-10312 Fatmax Premium Pocket Knife

4. NACATIN Trekking Rucksack

Now that you have all these cool camping accessories, how are you going to carry them? In a rucksack of course! A high-quality rucksack with ample storage is a must-have and one of the first items we could advise buying (after a tent obviously!). If you have a high-quality rucksack, you can comfortably carry your gear across long distances.

NACATIN has created a brilliant rucksack for trekking and camping. It has a 70L capacity which should be more than enough for your camping accessories. The external material is water-resistant and is also anti-tear and anti-wear. This makes it incredibly durable for those testing outdoor adventures.

NACATIN Trekking Rucksack

NACATIN Trekking Rucksack

Throughout this rucksack, you can also find a myriad of pockets and compartments so you can keep your accessories organized.

5. Milestone Camping 26700 Sleeping Bag

Camping can be cold – we cannot deny this. It can especially be cold during the night when temperatures drop. As a result, a warm, insulated sleeping bag is vital – even during the summer. Having a quality sleeping bag can make the difference between a good night’s sleep and spending the night shivering!

Milestone Camping has created a durable sleeping bag in the 26700. This is a single-person sleeping bag and can be easily rolled up into its dedicated storage bag. Inside, it has a 160gsm hollow fibre lining which should keep you warm regardless of the outside conditions. Also, it offers more room than most sleeping bags for those who move a lot during their sleep!

Milestone Camping 26700 Sleeping Bag

Milestone Camping 26700 Sleeping Bag

6. Sportneer Camping Chair

Not everyone likes sitting on the floor or sitting in their tent all day. As a result, having a portable camping chair can be a great addition to your equipment. Having a portable chair means you can set up and relax anywhere with relative ease. Also, it means you can sit comfortably by the campfire or when eating your meals.

The Sportneer Camping Chair is a brilliant item and folds up into its own storage bag. It can take a maximum weight of 158kg and is made from durable Oxford cloth. Also, the frame is made from flexible but strong aluminum.

Sportneer Camping Chair

Sportneer Camping Chair

We also like the height of the chair and the angle of the backrest. It is comfortable to sit in and offers fantastic support.

7. Odoland Camping Cookware Kit

Cooking is an important part of camping and something that you want to enjoy. It can be difficult to carry equipment from your home kitchen – most of these items are not designed to be portable! Therefore, buying a dedicated camping cookware set can be a great idea. Camping cookware sets utilize foldable kitchen accessories and neat storage devices to reduce the space needed.

The Odoland Camping Cookware Kit is a great choice. It contains 10 pieces and also a portable stove. The non-stick pots are made from durable aluminum and great for cooking basic meals. You also get a full cutlery set including a spoon, knife, and fork – these can all be folded. All the items are high-quality, and they can easily fit in your backpack.

Cool Camping Accessories - Odoland Camping Cookware Kit

Odoland Camping Cookware Kit

8. Kilponen Solar Power Bank

In today’s digital world, a charger has become one of the most important items for camping trips! However, you need a quality charger that will last, and can charge itself – simple portable power banks may not be suitable for example. This is why a solar panel power bank is a great option. These devices use the power of the sun to generate electricity and charge your devices.

The Kilponen Solar Power Bank is one such item and is one of the must-have cool camping accessories. It has a range of safety features to protect your devices from power surges. Also, it can easily charge a smartphone or tablet up to 6 times from one charge. It also has 2x USB ports and a standard Samsung-style charger port.

Kilponen Solar Power Bank

Kilponen Solar Power Bank

9. Hotbesteu 3m x 3m Tent Tarp

When camping, you may need additional shelter, or you may simply want a cover to provide some shade or somewhere to change. A tent tarp is therefore a great item and incredibly useful. Tent tarps are primarily used for covering your tent and offering extra protection from the elements. However, tarps can also be used as make-shift shelters, and to create a private enclosure for your chosen campsite.

The Hotbesteu Tent Tarp is a great item and is highly rated. It is 3m x 3m and should easily cover most single or double-person tents. It is also made from durable polyester and is fully waterproof. Included in the basic package you get the tarp and all necessary ropes and spikes to pitch the item.

Hotbesteu 3m x 3m Tent Tarp

Hotbesteu 3m x 3m Tent Tarp

10. WACACO Minipresso NS – Portable Espresso Machine

Finally, having access to hot drinks during your camping trip can make a huge difference. For coffee lovers, why not consider a portable espresso machine? The WACACO Minipresso NS can give you that much needed shot of caffeine in the morning. This can put you in the right mood for a day of trekking and exploration!

This ingenious device is manually operated and doesn’t require electricity. You simply add hot water to the tank and start the mechanism and espresso is created in no time at all! It is compatible with original Nespresso capsules and other compatible brands and is brilliant for making a tasty coffee to boost your mood and energy.

WACACO Minipresso NS – Portable Espresso Machine

WACACO Minipresso NS – Portable Espresso Machine

Make Your Camping Trips Easier With These Awesome Accessories

Unless you are an extreme camper and want to make your wilderness camping challenging, having a good set of accessories is important. As a bare minimum, a quality sleeping bag and camping stove will greatly improve your camping experience.

The other cool camping accessories we have listed could be situational. For example, you may not need a tent tarp in the summer months, and unless you are chopping wood, a hatchet may not be needed either. Regardless, we hope you have found this list of accessories useful – why not invest in some for your next camping expedition?

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