Collection: Luxury Camping Beds

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of camping and if you do not get a good night’s sleep then your entire day can be affected. We can wake up with aches and pains, headaches, or just tackle the day feeling lethargic. This is why you must consider your sleeping arrangements and the camping equipment you have for night-time.

If you value your sleep and get woken easily, investing in a luxury camping bed could be the best option. Luxury camping mattresses and beds give you more comfort, more sleeping space, and are easier to set up. They typically have automatic electric pumps, so you don’t have to manually inflate them. If this sounds like something you need for your sanity, we have a great selection of luxury camp beds below.

get the best night’s sleep in your tent or glamping accommodation you need a
high-quality bed or camping cot. This is where luxury camping beds make a
difference. They are more durable, offer better comfort, and are much easier to
set up and pack away. These beds are usually inflatable with an automatic pump
and give you plenty of room to stretch out and sleep in your usual sleeping
position. We look at some common questions and considerations when choosing
luxury camping cots below.

What is the difference between a standard and luxury camping bed?

of the main questions you probably have is, is a luxury camping bed even worth
it and how much does it differ from a “standard” camping bed? This is a fair
question but there is definitely a noticeable difference. Firstly, the erecting
method is usually much quicker and most of them have automatic electric pumps
to have you time and effort. Secondly, they are usually larger, made from more
durable materials, and incredibly comfortable. Simply put, luxury camp beds are
more comfortable, durable, and convenient than standard camping beds.

How easy is the luxury camping bed to set up?

one wants to spend hours trying to set up their camping bed so make sure you
look at the setup method. Most of these luxury camping cots are inflatable and
have automatic pumps. All you have to do is flick a switch and they will inflate
themselves – simple! This does mean that you may need a power outlet or some
type of batteries though.

What is the overall size of the glamping bed?

need to look at the size in terms of the external dimensions, and how many people
the bed sleeps comfortably. Measure the size of your tent and the floor area
that you must work with in the sleeping compartment. You can then figure out
the maximum size of bed you can accommodate. Next, look at what type of bed it
is i.e., a single, double, queen, or king. You should then be able to see if
you and your partner or friend can fit on it comfortably together.

Is the luxury camping mattress easy to carry and store?

beds are usually larger as most of them are double beds so they will be
naturally more difficult to carry than single beds or simple camping cots.
However, you should still look at the storage and how you can carry the luxury
camping bed when not in use. Most inflatable camping beds roll up to a small
size when deflated which means they are simple to carry. Additionally, many
luxury models have carry bags so you can keep everything organized.

Does the luxury camping bed have any additional features?

luxury camp beds include extra features which can make you even more
comfortable. For example, the iDOO Air Bed has a detachable inflatable headboard
that keeps you secure and works as a comfortable pillow and headrest.
Alternatively, some models like the Ivation EZ-bed have durable legs underneath
that significantly raise the bed from the floor, so you aren’t in contact with
the cold groundsheet of your tent. Look at what features the bed has and see if
you feel any are beneficial.