Collection: Camping Beds

No one wants to sleep on a cold hard floor inside a tent and adequate sleeping provisions is essential to ensure you have an enjoyable camping experience. While sleeping bags are suitable, they can be hard to sleep on if you are directly on the floor and don’t have a mattress underneath. This is where camping beds are king. Camping beds raise you from the cold ground sheet and make sure you are comfortable at night.

There are many different portable camping bed designs including inflatable and foldaway models. Each has their pros and cons, and we have a fantastic selection for you to choose from below. Make sure that you can sleep comfortably in your tent during your next camping adventure and invest in a portable camp bed today!

people are fine sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor with a roll-up mattress
underneath. However, if you want the best sleep while camping, you can’t beat
an actual camping bed. These beds are easy to store and carry and can be erected
in minutes. The result is that you get a sturdy bed (sometimes with a mattress)
that raises you off of the cold groundsheet and will improve your quality of

Below, we have listed some of the main considerations you should think about
when selecting a camping bed. This includes factors like the different types of
camp beds, the size variations, portability, and weight capacity.

How does the camping bed work?

are two main types of camp bed and you should be aware of the difference.
Inflatable air beds have no frame but they are more comfortable because they
have a built-in camping mattress. These beds are inflated either manually with
a pump, or automatically with an electrical pump. The other type is fold away
camp beds. These usually have a rigid frame with canvas attached that can be
folded into a small size to make them portable.

What size is the camping bed?

is important in two terms. Firstly, the physical size of the bed dictates what
type of tent you can fit it in. Imagine buying an air bed only to find that
half of it is sticking out of your tent! Secondly, the sleeping size is vital
too in terms of single, double, queen, or king. Make sure you are aware of its
dimensions, and how many people the camping bed can sleep.

What is the weight capacity of the camping bed?

maximum weight capacity is incredibly important as you don’t want the bed to
break when you lie on it! Make sure that you have checked the maximum capacity
for the number of people who intend to use the bed.

Is the camping bed portable?

is everything when you are camping, and you may only have a limited amount of
storage space. Both air camp beds and foldable beds are relatively portable
with inflatable options usually having the edge. You can often roll these beds
up when they are fully deflated, and they will often include a separate carry
bag for convenience. Fold away camp beds don’t take up much space either but
they will usually have a rigid frame that does require more storage space.

How long does the camping bed take to set up?

you need convenience when setting up your camp bed as it can be difficult enough
setting up the tent initially. The last thing you want to do is have to spend
hours trying to sort your bed! Therefore, make sure you check approximately how
long it takes to set the bed up. Folding camp beds are the quickest to set up
and you can usually have them ready in minutes. Inflatable models take longer
to erect depending on the inflation method.