Collection: Camping Oven

A camping oven is an essential item for wild camping and getting hearty meals outdoors. If you don’t have access to proper cooking facilities or a reliable campfire then a portable stainless steel camp oven is the next best solution.

These handy devices typically run on gas so are pretty convenient and don’t require any electricity. Models like the NJ GF-300 run on Butane, for example, and have some fantastic features like multiple grill racks, and temperature controls, and some even have different cooking presets.

you can see there is a range of different camping ovens available so it can be
tricky knowing which model is the right one for you. Before making a choice,
first consider the type of camping you do, the storage you have, and what meals
you would like to cook. This should give you a clearer idea of which portable
ovens are the best choice. For
example, if you are traveling in a car, have plenty of storage space, and are
camping near your vehicle, you could easily transport a larger portable stove.
Alternatively, if you are wild camping and only have a backpack then size is
highly important and you want the smallest option available.

How does a camping oven work?

There are several different types of camp ovens and the most common run on gas
like Butane, but some also require a campfire or heat source underneath. Gas-powered
portable ovens offer the most versatility as they typically have temperature
controls so you can easily make a range of different meals. Ovens that just
require heat from a campfire are easier to setup but there is the added work of
maintaining your campfire to provide consistent cooking heat.

Is a camping oven easy to set up?

Portable stainless steel gas ovens require a gas supply which is usually via a
hose connection with a butane gas bottle for example. This does require some
additional setup but once you have the gas connected, the operation is really
simple – just like using a traditional oven at home. Stoves that you place over
a campfire obviously require more preparation but in most instances, you have
probably already created a fire to keep your campsite warm! With a campfire
roaring, these devices are incredibly easy to use and all you have to do is
place the stove over the fire on a stand.

How do you clean a camping oven?

a simple camping stove is quite easy as it will have an open top so it’s just a
case of rinsing and wiping the cooking surface to get rid of any fat, grease,
and debris from your meal preparation. Gas camping ovens do require more
maintenance but this depends on how many grills and compartments they have. You
will have to remove and wipe the grills if food spills on them, and it’s always
a great idea to wipe the doors and temperature controls too.

What can you cook in a camping oven?

Camping ovens and stoves have excellent versatility and providing you can get
enough heat you can cook virtually anything like you would with a typical oven
at home. Enclosed gas ovens can be used to cook meat, fish, and fully prepared
meals if you have things like cooking trays. Open-top stoves can also be used
for grilling and searing meat and depending on the shape of the stove, you can
use them to boil food too like rice and pasta.