Collection: Camping Storage

An aspect we often overlook when camping is storage, and we don’t mean simply having space to pack your gear. We mean dedicated campsite storage that you can set up and place either inside your tent or around your campsite to keep your dishes, utensils, and other camping essentials organized. You may not realize it, but there are some brilliant portable camp cupboards available that perform this role perfectly.

Portable camping storage usually comes in the form of collapsible shelving units that have canvas sides and foldable frames or frames that break apart into individual components. They might stand around waist height and give you fantastic organizational storage for things like bug spray, sunscreen, water bottles and cooking utensils.

Camping storage is an essential item despite often being overlooked and there are some fantastic and ingenious products available. They are often foldable or collapsible and can be dismantled to a small footprint so you can easily place them inside your backpack, car, or campervan. If you have lots of small items or are camping for a long time and need cooking utensils, camp storage can really help and make sure you don’t misplace anything.

How portable is the camping storage unit?

Portability is everything when camping and this is true for camping storage too. We understand that when the storage is set up it will take up quite a lot of space – but that’s not the point. The point is that it should be portable when not in use. Ideally, you want a storage unit that collapses, folds, or dismantles into a small size so that it can fit inside your luggage without taking up too much room.

How many storage compartments does it have?

Another important consideration is how many individual compartments or shelves the unit has. This will determine exactly what you can store in it, but also how organized you can make things. More shelves equals better organization whereas only one or two shelves could make things trickier. Think about what you want to store inside the camping cupboard, and you should be able to determine the ideal number of shelves or compartments and their size.

What materials is the storage cupboard made from?

These storage solutions usually have three components – the frame, sides, and shelves. Typically, the frame and shelves are constructed from the same material, and this is mainly plastic or a durable metal like stainless steel. The sides are usually canvas or fabric or some flexible material that can be folded or easily stored. Look at the materials and see if you think they are durable and suitable for the type of camping you do.

Is the camping cupboard suitable for outdoor use?

Depending on the size of your tent you may not have enough room to place camp storage inside. Therefore, it would be used outside and perhaps sat outside your tent around the campsite or next to your vehicle. There is no use buying an item that is not waterproof or will get easily damaged outside. Look at the materials it is made from, and you should be able to tell if it is suitable for outdoor use or not. The manufacturer might specifically state that it’s an outdoor storage unit too.

What are the overall dimensions of the camp storage unit?

The storage capacity is important but so is the overall size of the camping cupboard. Usually, these items are a cuboid shape and stand upright so they take up less floor space but more vertical space. You should consider where you want to use the storage and then you can see the maximum size you can accommodate. For example, perhaps you want to keep the camp storage inside your tent for your clothes or toiletries? Alternatively, you might want to keep it in your awning and therefore can accommodate a much larger unit.