Collection: Sleeping Bags

If you want to invest in one piece of camping equipment aside from a tent and get a really high-quality product, then we advise splashing out on a sleeping bag. The humble sleeping bag is your first line of defence against the cold, and it is what you will use at night to keep snuggly and warm. You can dive into the sleeping bag, zip it up, and enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

When camping, you cannot go without a sleeping bag – even if you camp mainly in the summer as temperatures at night can drop severely. It is therefore a great idea to be prepared and get a robust sleeping bag that will last for ages. Below, we have a fantastic selection of quality sleeping bags for your consideration.

The sleeping bag is a timeless piece of equipment and the best solution to keeping you warm at night in your tent. You can use it for more than just sleeping though – they are also great to sit in around the campfire or inside your tent at night before you tuck in to sleep. There are so many different sleeping bag varieties that it can be difficult knowing which one is suitable for you – to help, we have listed some of the most important questions below.

What is the sleeping bag made from?

The materials that both the sleeping bag fill and shell are made from are highly important as these will dictate how warm and comfortable they keep you. Ideally, the external shell should be made from a temperature-resistant and waterproof material to keep the cold out and to keep you dry if your tent springs a leak. Inside, you want a soft and warm material similar to a blanket or duvet that is comfortable against your skin and provides insulation.

What are the dimensions of the sleeping bag?

You obviously must make sure you can fit comfortably inside the sleeping bag! Therefore, check the overall dimensions including length and width. Oftentimes the manufacturer will state what size in terms of height the sleeping bag is suitable for but it’s always a better idea to correlate the dimensions with your height to be sure. Ideally, you want to be able to fit your entire body inside, fully stretched out including your head although some people prefer to have their head out of the bag and on a separate pillow.

Does the sleeping bag have any ventilation?

Although sleeping bags are meant to keep you warm at night, they can soon become stuffy, and you can easily overheat or struggle with breathing. This is why you should check what ventilation the sleeping bag has. Usually, the inner and outer layers may have some type of breathable fabric that allows proper ventilation, and the material may also have sweat wicking properties to help you regulate your temperature. Some sleeping bags can also be zipped completely but may have a ventilation flap so you can still get air and keep warm.

What is the temperature rating of the sleeping bag?

Sleeping bags typically have a temperature rating listed by the manufacturer. This relates to the temperatures it can withstand in terms of cold. If you are planning on camping during the Autumn or Winter, or you expect temperatures to drop at night then it is imperative that you check this rating. Think about where you commonly camp and the seasons that you usually go on your adventures, and you should be able to pick a sleeping bag with a suitable temperature rating.

What color is the sleeping bag?

We get that functionality is the most important aspect of a sleeping bag but you still want it to look nice too right? Just because a piece of camping equipment is meant to be comfortable and keep you warm, doesn’t mean it can be stylish too. Sleeping bags come in many different external patterns and colors and typically the manufacturer will offer the same sleep bag in a multitude of versions. This means that you can usually get one that you like the look of too as well as being comfortable.