Collection: Camping Heater

Portable camping heaters are available in three main variants – portable gas, rechargeable battery, and rechargeable solar panels. Each one provides fantastic heat so you can dry your clothes and keep warm when sat around the campsite or in your tent at night.

A cold tent and campsite is the quickest way to have a miserable camping experience so it’s vital that you have proper heating equipment and the simplest way to do this is to invest in a camping heater. These small appliances give direct heat exactly where you need it and make your camping trips comfortable regardless of the weather.

you are camping for recreation staying warm is one of the most important
factors. This is easier during the spring and summer, but in the fall and
winter it can be incredibly difficult and temperatures can plummet overnight. This
is where campsite heaters are invaluable as they provide a consistent heat
source with minimum effort and setup. You don’t have to worry about starting
and maintain a campfire but instead have a portable heater that can be used in
your tent, or even in a vehicle like a motorhome. Below, we list some important
factors and questions to consider when buying a portable heater.

How does the camping heater work?

The first thing to consider is how the campsite heater works as there are several
different variations in terms of heating and their power source. Portable gas
heaters are the most common and reliable as they do not require any electrical
connection. They typically have a gas bottle or tank and providing this is
full, you should get consistent heating for the duration of your camping trip. If
you do run out it’s just make sure you have a spare gas bottle and a quick
change will keep the heater running.

are plenty of electric heaters too and these either use rechargeable batteries
or run on solar power. Heaters that use rechargeable batteries are easy to use
but you need an electric output to recharge them and this is usually done via something
like the cigarette lighter in your car or motorhome. Solar-powered camping
heaters are more flexible but they obviously rely on sunlight to charge, so if
it’s dull weather then you’re a little stuck!

What is the run time of the camping heater?

how long does the heater run for before it needs charging or something
changing? There is no point investing in a camping heater if it’s only going to
give you heat for 30 minutes! Gas campsite heaters typically provide the best longevity
and consistency as they come with a full gas bottle and often include a spare
too. One gas bottle will last for ages but you can switch to the spare if it
does run out. Rechargeable electric heaters don’t last as long but the energy
source is renewable but just take into consideration the availability of a
charging port.

How easy is the camping heater to set up?

you are working in cold condition and want to get your campsite warm quickly,
you want a portable device that is quick to set up. Luckily, all types of
camping heater are quick to start. If the gas bottle is pre-connected then all you
have to do with a gas heater is turn it on and light the flame. Similarly,
providing electric heaters have charge, you just need to switch them on –

How long does it take for the camping heater to heat up?

There is nothing worse than starting your portable heater and still be waiting
for a decent heat output 30 minutes later! Therefore, an important factor is how
quickly the appliance starts to generate heat. Both gas and electric heaters are
fast working. With gas heaters you get immediate output when the flame is lit,
and the heating element of electric heaters should only take a few minutes to
start pumping out glorious warmth.