Collection: Camping Sink

When you are camping it can be a trial washing pots and keeping things clean. If you don’t have a dedicated camp sinky the only solution is to continually walk back and forth from your tent to the campsite wash areas. This is irritating and not effective! In this instance, a portable campsite sink is a brilliant piece of equipment to have.

Camping sinks are usually made from easy-to-clean materials like plastic, and many are collapsible for simple storage. They give you a dedicated place to wash your pots around your campsite without having to walk miles carrying your dirty cutlery and utensils. We have a fantastic selection of portable sinks below for your consideration.

The camping sink is a highly useful product, and it can make washing up a doddle. You can primarily use it for rinsing and washing cutlery and utensils after meals. However, these items are also great for washing yourself (make sure you use clean water and not the dirty pot water!).

When buying a camping sink there are several important considerations to make and it isn’t always a simple decision. First, think about the type of camping you do (wild camping or campsite camping) and how many people travel with you. Secondly, check out the questions below and these should help make your decision easier.

What is the capacity of the camping sink?

The water capacity and overall dimensions of the camping sink are highly important as they dictate the usability and storage. First, look at the water capacity of the camping sink which is usually measured in litres. This gives you an idea of how many pots or utensils you can wash at once and if it is suitable for larger families or camping groups.

Secondly, look at the overall dimensions including the internal measurements. This should tell you how easily you can store the camp sink but also what products you can physically fit inside such as saucepans, plates, and cups.

Does the camp sink have any extra features?

The basic shape and function of portable sinks is a wash bowl. However, most have additional features. The first is a plug or drainage outlet and this is highly useful so you can quickly dispose of the dirty wash water. Look at the quality of the plug and outlet and read the reviews to see if it is watertight and easy to take off.

Some advanced camping sinks also have faucets although these are uncommon. Models like the COSTWAY Portable Camping Sink essentially function like a traditional sink and give you water flow and taps to rinse items.

Is the camping sink easy to clean?

Cleaning is essential for a wash basin as you will most likely get dregs of food and juice on it. What good is a camp sink if it stains or retains a nasty food smell after the first time you use it? Look at the materials it is made from and the shape of the sink and you should be able to tell if it is easy to clean.

What materials is the camping sink made from?

As you will be using your sink to wash dirty food pots you want something that won’t stain easily or won’t degrade over time. Most products like these are made from plastic and potentially some metal components like stainless steel. These are both ideal for camping sinks as they hold up well to wear and tear and you should be able to use them inside and outside.

How portable is the camp sink?

Portability is everything and it is always one of the first things you should consider when buying camping equipment. You have limited space to work with and carrying something like a huge, rigid camping sink isn’t ideal. As a result, look at the product and see how portable it is. Many camping sinks are either collapsible or foldable. The collapsible ones are more common and the sides of these typically shrink down to give you just a flat rectangular shape to store.