Collection: Camping Kettle

Out of all the appliances you can take camping, what is more useful than a camping kettle? I couldn’t face a camping trip without a kettle and the ability to make a hot brew! Camping kettles are incredibly versatile, and you can use them for making hot drinks, cooking, and washing. If you are wild camping, you can also use the hot water for bathing.

Luckily, there are plenty of camping kettles available and we have a brilliant selection below. We have hand-picked a range of models including collapsible versions for wild camping, and larger capacity kettles for family camping trips.

you are camping it is essential to have a hot water supply and this means a camping
kettle is the perfect appliance. Hot water is needed for washing yourself, cleaning
pots cooking, cooking food, and of course making brews! How can you do without
a kettle and forgo an energizing cup of coffee in the morning or an afternoon

Camping kettles are incredibly convenient and if you have the storage space
then you need to have one. There are some collapsible options too that are perfect
if you are wild camping and don’t have as much storage available. Below, we
have answered some common questions that will help you choose the perfect camping
kettle from our list of superb products.

What is the capacity of the kettle?

water capacity of the kettle determines how effective it is for cooking and how
many drinks you can make at once. If it is just typically you and a friend or loved
one camping, then a smaller option like the Sea To Summit Collapsible Camping
Kettle could be ideal. Alternatively, if you go on family camping adventures
with multiple people then you will want something with a larger water capacity
like the REDCAMP Camping Kettle. Models like this allow you to make multiple
drinks at once and easily boil water for family meals.

How does the camping kettle work?

electricity is usually hard to come by at campsites (especially when wild
camping), most camping kettles are traditional, and stove based. This means
that you must place them over a heat source like a portable camping stove or
campfire to heat them up. This is admittedly a slower process than electric kettles,
but it means you aren’t relying on electricity.

Does the camping kettle include any extras?

buying an appliance like this it’s important to look at the value for money and
if you want anything else too. Most camping kettle packages include just the
kettle and its lid. This is fine as it’s what you primarily want, but some come
with additional supplies and extras too. For example, the Odoland Camping Kettle
Set includes the kettle, two cups, and a cutlery bag which gives you are better
value for money and means you don’t have to look for separate cookware and

Does the kettle have any other functionality?

main purpose of camping kettles is to provide hot water for drinks and cooking.
However, that doesn’t mean that it’s the only thing it can do. Some models have
dual functionality such as the BioLite KettlePot which is primarily a kettle
but also has a cooking pot section so you can use it directly for making your
camping meals.

What is the size of the kettle?

portability is vital and generally camp kettles can’t be folded or compacted
any smaller than they are. They usually have a fixed size due to the water container,
so you really must look at the overall dimensions and consider how much storage
you usually have. If you are camping with a vehicle, then you have more storage
space, so you won’t need to buy a smaller model. Alternatively, for wild camping,
portability is essential so a smaller travel variant could be great.