Collection: Camping Toaster

Imagine you are sat at your campsite, and you are preparing breakfast. You have a tin of beans simmering on the stove and have fried some bacon too. What you need now is a sumptuous slice of toast or two, but you don’t have anything to grill your bread with! In this instance you need a camping toaster.

These portable devices typically use the heat from a gas or electric stove or hob to grill the bread in an enclosed compartment that has a conductive surface. They are easy to use, great for storing, and can be used for a myriad of food items like toast and toasted sandwiches.

A hot and crunchy slice of toast lavished in butter is the perfect breakfast item around a campsite to go with a tin of beans and maybe some bacon. But how can you make toast when camping? With a portable camping toaster of course! These devices typically use heat from a campfire or stove and have sealable compartments that you place the bread inside. The enclosed space and conductive materials act as a grill and toast the bred evenly. When choosing a camping toaster there are many considerations to make, and we have listed the main questions below.

What is the power source of the toaster?

Most camping toasters have no electricity and instead work by placing them over a secondary heat source like a gas or electric camp stove or a campfire. The compartments are made from heat conductive materials and mat have lined plates inside that allow transferal of heat for grilling. You should check what heat source they can be used with and what materials the bread compartments are made from as this will determine how effective they are and how quickly they grill food.

What is the toaster’s capacity?

Different camping toasters will have a differing number of slots. Indeed, many designs have closable flaps instead with grills that line the flaps that you simply place the bread inside. Think about how many people will accompany you on your camping trips. You can then choose a toaster with the right capacity and that will allow you to cook enough toast simultaneously to feed everyone.

What are the dimensions of the toaster?

Portability is important for any camping equipment, and you have to strike a balance of functionality while still being able to store it easily both indoors and outdoors. Make sure you look at the overall dimensions of the toaster to see if you can store it easily. The dimensions will also dictate the toasting compartments and how big the slices of bread are that you can fit inside. As many of these devices are smaller than conventional toasters you may have to use toastie bread.

How easy is the toaster to clean?

Whenever you make toast there is inevitably a mess! Even if you are incredibly careful the crumbs will still seep everywhere. This problem can be compounded when you are cooking in a small space like a tent or campsite. Therefore, make sure you look how easy the appliance is to clean. The material of the exterior will also determine how easy it is to wipe after use.

Does the toaster have any other functions?

Obviously, the main function of a camping toaster is to make toast. However, that shouldn’t be its limit. Many camp toasters are multi-functional and can be used as sandwich makers, grills, or for toasting things like crumpets and paninis. Think about what you would want to use the toaster for and what you and your family commonly eats. You should then be able to pick an appliance that has suitable functionality.