Collection: Double Camping Beds

If you are camping as a couple, with more than one person, or a group, double camping beds can be beneficial. Even if you are just traveling with a friend providing you don’t mind sharing a bed, double camping beds require less work and hassle to set up as opposed trying to erect multiple single beds.

These items are usually inflatable which makes for easy storage when not in use, but there are foldaway options too which are quicker to erect. A double folding camping bed raises you from the floor to improve your temperature at night and it allows you to enjoy a more comfortable sleep. We have a brilliant selection of double camping beds below for your benefit.

double camping bed means half the setup time compared to two single beds. You
only must erect one bed, and it is also easier to manoeuvre and sleep on inside
a confined space like a tent. But which double camping cot is the best option
for you? There are a range of considerations to make including the size, weight
capacity, bed type, and storage. We help make your choice easier and discuss
these important questions below.

What is the weight capacity of the bed?

beds support two people, but you need more detail than that. You must be aware
of the maximum weight capacity if you intend to have your child sleeping
in-between you two for example. The manufacturer should state the maximum load capacity,
and this allows you to see if it is suitable for the intended people.

What type of bed is it?

are three types of double camping bed – manual inflatable, automatic inflatable,
and foldaway. Foldaway camping beds are easier to set up as there is no inflation.
You usually have to erect the frame and stretch the canvas out. The downside is
that they usually do not include a camping mattress so may not be as

and automatic inflatable double camping beds are inflated with air either using
a manual pump or a built-in electric pump. These do take longer to set up due
to the inflation, but they have a built-in camping mattress and are usually
much more comfortable.

What are the overall dimensions of the double camping bed?

are no doubts about how many people can sleep in the double camping bed – it’s
made for two bodies. However, that doesn’t give us the true picture of how big
it is. For that, you must look at the external dimensions of the double mattress.
The manufacturer should state the overall dimensions, and this will give you an
idea of how comfortable you will be and how much room each person has. It also
shows if the bed will fit inside your tent. You don’t want to buy a double
camping bed only to find that part of it is poking out of your tent entrance!

Is the double camping bed easy to store?

campers will understand the pains of storage and how tricky it can be to pack
everything into your backpack or vehicle. Space isn’t unlimited and you must
look at how much room the double camping bed needs when it’s deflated or folded.
An inflatable double camping bed typically deflates so that you can roll or
fold the material into a small footprint. Additionally, they often include a
carry bag so you can carry them separately to your backpack or other luggage.
Folding double camping cots can take up more room depending on if the frame
collapses or not.