Collection: Tents

A tent is the first piece of camping equipment you should invest in as it forms the foundation of your family camping trips or festival adventures. Without a good quality tent, you will struggle to have effective shelter, keep warm, and keep safe if the weather takes a turn for the worse. For outdoor adventures, tents are invaluable and there are many different designs and styles to choose from.

We have a great selection of durable and robust tents for wild camping, campsite camping, and festivals below. These include family models for four or more people down to smaller two-man and single-person tents for those more intimate camping trips.

become your home away from home when you are off exploring and hiking in the
great outdoors and they can contribute to some fantastic family memories and
fun… providing you have the right one! Aside from a sleeping bag, a tent is the
other main piece of equipment that you should invest on. Don’t cheap out on a
tent as you could regret it when it stars leaking or blows away! Below, we have
listed some common questions and answers that will help you choose the perfect tent.

How big is the tent?

is one of the most important aspects in terms of dimensions and sleeping
capacity. Tents are typically measured in births like a caravan with each birth
representing how many people can sleep in it. We advise going one step further
than simply looking at the recommended sleeping capacity though. Check the
internal dimensions and the dimensions of any compartments so that you can see
if the tent is suitable for your height!

How easy is the tent to set up?

have all been in that situation where we are trying to erect our tent, and
nothing seems to be working. Poles, lines, and pegs are scattered everywhere
and what should be a simple task turns into a trial! This can be made worse if
the weather turns bad! Therefore, look at the pitching time which is usually
stated in minutes by the manufacturer in the product description. It’s also a
great idea to read customer reviews and check their experiences with erecting the

What are the resistant features of the tent?

main purpose of a tent is to provide you with shelter at night and to keep you
warm and dry during bad weather. You, therefore, must look at the windproof and
waterproof qualities of the tent. There is no point investing in a tent if at
the first sight of rain it starts leaking, or if the wind gets a little high it
immediately falls over! Typically, the manufacturer might state that a tent is
made from windproof material, and it might specifically state that it has a
waterproof outer shell. Also look for a waterproof groundsheet too as a soggy
and damp floor is a sure-fire way to get poorly during your outdoor adventure.

Does the tent have any separate rooms?

are not just for sleeping when camping or at festivals – depending on what you
are doing and how many people are camping with you, you may need it to have other
functions. This is where a tent with multiple rooms and separate compartments
is beneficial. Some larger tents have segmented rooms such as multiple bedrooms
and even living areas. This means that if you have multiple people in the tent,
you can still have your own space and you don’t always have to be sat in your
sleeping area on top of your sleeping bags.

Is the tent easy to carry and store?

only can tents be difficult to erect and dismantle, but they can be a nightmare to store and
carry too. In most instances, the tent will have its own carry bag so that you
can keep everything organized and together. This also makes it much easier to
carry as you don’t have to try and cram it into your backpack. Still, it’s
important to look at how the tent folds up when not in use, how easy things
like the ground poles and pegs are to store, and if it has a dedicated carry