Collection: Camping Trollies

Carrying your camping gear and essentials from your car to your pitch can be a nightmare – especially if you have lots of small items. You can soon walk miles and exert a lot of effort even before you have set your tent up! If only there were a simple solution that allowed, you to move your items easily from your vehicle to your campsite?

What’s that, there is? Yes – the camping trolley. Camping trolleys are especially useful items that make setting up your tent and campsite a breeze. They typically have four wheels and a handle so you can move your equipment, cooking utensils, and food with minimum effort. We have an excellent selection of portable camping trolleys for your benefit below.

buying a camping wagon there are many considerations, and it can be difficult
knowing which one is ideal. To get the best item, think about how many people
you travel with, where you typically camp, and the type of camping you do. This
will help narrow your choices together with the five questions we have listed

What is the storage and carrying capacity of the campsite trolley?

main purpose of a camping trolley is to carry items, right? So how many items
can it carry and what is the maximum weight capacity? These are two especially important
factors that determine how suitable the trolley is for your camping equipment.
If you typically camp alone or with one other person you may not need a huge trolley.
In contrast, if you go on family camping trips and need to move lots of
utensils, toys, and clothes, a camp wagon with a larger capacity and weight
limit is essential.

How easy is the camping trolley to move?

is key for your camp wagon, and no one wants to try and pull a unit that has
stiff wheels or is too rigid. The first key to movement is the wheels of the
camping cart. Ideally, it should have four wheels that are freely rotatable on
their axis. The wheels should also have decent tracks to give traction when
being pulled. Secondly, there should be something you can pull. You don’t want
to be bent over try to pull the wagon so an extendable handle that allows you
to pull the trolley from waist height is ideal.

Is the camping trolley portable?

is vital in two aspects for a camp trolley. Firstly, you need to be able to
move it easily along the floor as discussed in the above pointer. Secondly, it must
be portable when not in use and for storage purposes. Most of the camping trollies
we feature like the Outsunny Folding Garden Trolley are collapsible or
foldable. The frame either comes apart or has hinges so that the trolley can be
folded into a small footprint.

Does the camping trolley include a storage cover?

most instances you will be using the storage trolley in fine weather and just
to move items between your vehicle and pitching area. But what happens if it
rains? Or what if you want to use the camping trolley as additional storage
outside your tent? In these instances, you need protection so that the items
don’t get wet or damaged. Some camp trolleys include storage covers and rain
covers that fit over the top so the items inside stay dry.

How easy is the trolley to assemble?

the trolley cart requires assembly beforehand so it’s useful to know what is
involved and how difficult it is to set up. Usually, the underlying frame that
supports the trolley needs fixing together or unfolding and then the canvas
sides and base need inserting. This shouldn’t be too difficult and once you
have done it a few times you should become an expert! Still, understanding how
the cart trolley works is essential.