Collection: Kids Camping Beds

We’ve all had that experience where our children are sandwiched between us in our camping bed. No one get’s a good night’s sleep and everyone is the worse for it in the morning including our poor squashed kids. If only there were some type of solution? There is – kids camping beds. These are specially designed camping beds and mattresses made for young ones.

They are smaller than full-sized adult beds and give your kids independence and allows them to sleep peacefully without being cramped up next to their parents. We have a great selection of kids camping beds below for your consideration.

don’t usually want to sleep in the same bed as their parents and they like to
have their own sleeping space depending on how old they are. It’s therefore
important to look at your camping sleeping arrangements and think what is best
for your kids. If they are old enough, they may benefit from a separate kid’s
camping bed.

beds are smaller than adult models and ideal for toddlers and young children.
It gives them security and comfort and allows everyone to have their own
sleeping space to minimize night-time disturbances and arguments. There are
many considerations to make when choosing a kid’s camping bed and bedding and
we look at the main questions you should ask below.

What is the weight capacity and size of the kids camping bed?

weight capacity is vital so that your children can use the bed safely without
it potentially exploding or collapsing! Typically, these beds are smaller than
adult-sized camping mattresses and beds, so the weight capacity reduces too.
Just have a rough idea of how much your children weigh, and the maximum weight
capacity the bed supports – simple.

How easy is it to set up the bed?

time is essential when you have children as they can quickly become bored and
agitated, plus they need supervision even when you are setting your tent and
equipment up. Fold away kid’s camping beds offer the quickest solution, and you
can typically set them up in a few minutes. In contrast, inflatable kids
camping beds take longer to set up, but they offer more comfort, and the
children could potentially enjoy blowing them up too.

What type of bed is it? (Inflatable or foldable)

sure you understand the two main types of kids camping beds – inflatable and
foldable. Foldable beds usually have a metal frame that fits together which
supports a canvas or fabric mattress. These are quicker and easier to set up
but may not be the most comfortable for a child.

kids camping beds offer more stability and comfort and you generally only need
a sleeping bag or bottom sheet to put on top of the top layer. They do require
more time to erect but there are automatic pumping models too.

Does the kids camping bed include a mattress?

important to realize that not all camping beds include mattresses. Adults can
often cope without one but children will quickly get uncomfortable, so it
becomes a priority. Typically, fold away children’s camping beds don’t include
a mattress. Instead, they simply have a canvas sheet that they lie on – you may
then need to get an additional mattress on top of this.

contrast, inflatable kids camping beds have a built-in mattress. The air you
pump into the bed servers as cushioning and acts as both the top layer and the mattress,
so they are more convenient in this instance.

How easy is it to transport the bed?

you are camping you don’t have unlimited space to work with and storage is
difficult to manage. This is compounded if you are wild camping, and you must
hike to your campsite. However, with children you will probably be at a
campsite which is more convenient. Regardless, you still must consider
transportation and if the child’s camping bed is easy to carry. Inflatable
models often have a carry bag which makes bringing the item much easier.