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If you’ve ever tried to fumble around your tent or campsite at night then you understand the importance of having a high-quality camping light. Camping lanterns are highly versatile and most have hanging fixtures so you can hang them from your tent at to get ready for bed easily.

These campsite lights are most commonly rechargeable via USB ports or cigarette lighters in vehicles and some can even be used as power banks to charge your smartphones. Others use batteries but are equally as reliable and long-lasting. We have a great selection of camping lights for you below to fight off the dark on your camping trips.

A torch can work but you have to hold it and it can be difficult to use while trying to change clothes or prepare a meal for example. In contrast, a portable camp light can be placed on the floor or hung from your tent and that’s it – you can then go back to your tasks without trying to juggle another item. These devices usually provide light in a wider area too and are perfect if you want to light multiple tents or the area surrounding them. To help make your choice easier we have listed some of the main considerations to make when picking a campsite light below.

What are the different types of camping lights?

There are generally three types of camping light – USB rechargeable, battery-powered, and solar-powered. USB rechargeable lanterns are the most common and typically have fast charging times but they are reliant on you having a power source like a USB power bank or a vehicle with USB support. Battery-powered are the most flexible as you don’t need an external power source – all you need is a supply of batteries. The downside is that this can add up over time and you will get through batteries quickly. Lastly, solar-powered lanterns are incredibly effective as you can simply set them up to charge during the day. The obvious caveat is that you must have sunshine!

How long does the camping light last for?

Power consumption, longevity, and recharging are three key pointers to look at for camping lights. Firstly, you want a product that is highly luminous but provides light for multiple hours. Secondly, the lantern should ideally be durable, waterproof, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Thirdly, how quickly does it recharge (if it uses a USB connection), or how many batteries does it require? Knowing these things lets you assess the suitability of camp lights for the type of trips you take.

How bright is the light from the camping lantern?

Brightness is something you want to consider too and this is determined by the wattage of the bulb or the Lumen of the LED bulbs. Ideally you want a camp light that is bright but also gives light over a decent area – you don’t want an incredibly bright light that only lights up a few inches around the bulb! You can check the wattage and Lumen values and this will give you an idea of how bright the light is. The manufacturer might also state the distance the light works up to.

How portable is the camping light?

Portability is an important factor when choosing camp lights and this also depends on what type of camping you are doing and the storage you have. If you are wild camping then you might only have a backpack so a smaller waterproof camping light is ideal. Alternatively, if you are traveling to a set campsite in a car or campervan and have plenty of space, you could afford to take a larger lantern or even multiple camp lights.

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So whether you’re looking for a night time camping lamp to hang in the awning whilst playing a game of cards with your friends or a light lantern to keep your bed time book alight we’ve got you covered with our range of lighting. Browse our collection and make your next camping trip a bright one!