Collection: Camping Blankets

The trusty camping blanket is something every hardy camper should have. These simple accessories have many uses – you can throw one over your sleeping bag for additional warmth, they make a brilliant cocoon when sat in your tent, and they protect your bum and keep you dry instead of sitting on the cold, hard ground.

Once you have your tent and sleeping bag, a camping blanket should be high up on your list of considerations for comfort and warmth and we have a brilliant selection of premium-quality blankets below for your consideration.

blankets provide an additional layer of warmth and can be used in addition to a
sleeping bag. You can wrap yourself in a camp blanket when sat in your tent at
night, use them to sit on instead of the cold ground, and even place one on top
of your sleeping bag to keep away the freezing temperatures at night. These
items are invaluable and can make the difference between sleeping snugly or
waking up with cold aching joints! There are many different designs and styles
of camping blankets available so to help, we answer some common questions below
to help make choosing one easier.

What is the temperature rating of the camping blanket?

blankets typically have a temperature rating which means they can keep you warm
down to a specific temperature. This is something that should check, especially
if you are camping in the winter or in cold climate destinations. Temperatures
quickly drop at night and when you are lay close to the ground in your tent,
the cold soon sets in. Look at the temperature rating and see if it is suitable
for your typical camping adventures and the seasons you go outdoors in.

What are the overall dimensions of the camping blanket?

you buy a picnic blanket or camping blanket consider how many people you want
it to cover and who will use it. This will allow you to see what size blanket
you need and the overall dimensions. Most camping blankets are more than big
enough to accommodate a couple of people and they are often oversized so
multiple people can sit on them too if unfurled on the floor. But still it is
prudent to check to make sure it is fit for purpose.

How easy is the camping blanket to carry and store?

blankets are some of the easiest items to store and transport due to their
flexible material and the fact that they can usually be folded or rolled up.
Its still ideal to check the materials they are made from and how flexible the
item is though. In most instances this type of product does not include a carry
bag because you can simply roll it up and put it inside your backpack or
vehicle. Still, some manufacturers may include this so it’s a great idea to

Is the camping blanket suitable for outdoor use?

most instances you use camping blankets inside your tent to keep warm at night.
However, you may also want to use them outside your campsite to sit on when
around the campfire or when having meals for example. Many people take blankets
on daytime hiking adventures too for something to sit on. As a result, you
should check the waterproof and windproof qualities of the blanket and make
sure it is suitable for outdoor use.

What is the fill and shell material of the camping blanket?

blankets are usually composed of two layers – the outer shell and the inner
fill material. It’s vital that you check what these are made from as it can affect
the effectiveness, durability, and comfort of the blanket. The fill material
could be something high-quality like down which has fantastic insulating properties
and is incredibly comfortable. The outer layer is usually some type of
waterproof nylon or polyester material that is hard-wearing.