Collection: Camping Sofas

When you are sat around your campsite or in your tent you want comfortable seating that doesn’t take up too much storage room. Something like a camping sofa therefore is perfect and is one of the best portable pieces of camping furniture you can find. Most of the sofas are inflatable so they can be erected using an air pump in minutes.

You can also get multiple different sizes to accommodate between two to three people and there are even some corner varieties that are perfect for larger families. Due to their inflatable design, these sofas are comfortable, but you can store them easily as when deflated they can be folded into a small surface area and placed in a dedicated carry bag.

a portable sofa for your tent, campsite, or awning gives you flexibility and
means that you can spend downtime at your campsite while still being
comfortable. Typically, this gear is inflatable which makes them easier to
store and quick to erect. As there are so many different designs and styles
available that it can be difficult knowing which sofa is suitable for you. To
help, we have listed some of the main questions you should ask and consider

What are the dimensions of the sofa?

of the first things to consider is the overall size of the sofa – not how many
people it can seat, but the external dimensions. Typically, camping sofas and
couches are rectangular but there are L-shape variations too. Make sure you are
aware of the external dimensions so that you know if the furniture can fit inside
your tent or not. If you only have a small two-man tent with one compartment,
something like a couch might not be suitable.

Whereas, if you have a larger family tent complete with a living area then a
sofa could be perfect. Alternatively, you may simply want to use the camping
sofa outside around the tent and next to your campfire. Additionally, if you
have an awning then furniture like this will fit easily and allows you to make
a dedicated living area.

How easy is the camping sofa to set up?

campsite sofas are inflatable, and air is added using either a manual foot pump
or some have automatic electric pumps. The manual options take longer to erect due
to the pumping work required but there is no need for a power source such as connecting
the charger to your car. In contrast, automatic inflatable camping couches are
much quicker and easier to set up – all you must do is flick the switch and it
will gain air. The drawback is that you need a power source which can be

Can the camping sofa be easily stored?

is a premium when camping and you might not always have lots of room for
additional items like furniture. This problem is magnified when you are wild camping,
and you don’t have a vehicle for extra storage. Therefore, you must look at how
easy the camping sofa is when it is deflated. Most models can be folded or
rolled up when deflated.

Additionally, many camping sofas include a carry bag or storage box so you can
keep everything tidy and this will reduce the overall storage space needed.
Look at how you typically camp and what luggage you take and you should be able
to see what size of camping sofa you can accommodate.

How many people can the camping sofa seat?

and simple – how many people can fit on the camping sofa! Bear in mind that
sometimes sofas are advertised to seat a set number of people, but this doesn’t
necessarily mean that you will be comfortable! Think about how many seats you
need and who will use the sofa and you should be able to get the right number
of seats.

Is the camping sofa suitable for outdoor use?

inflatable camping sofas are made from durable and flexible plastic material but
that doesn’t mean that they can be used outdoors. Look at the material and see
if you think the sofa will get damaged or potentially burst outdoors. Also check
if the manufacturer states if the equipment is waterproof and suitable for
outdoor use or not.