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Best Camping Lights for Tents

When camping, light sources can often be a problem. During the daytime, there is no issue – you have natural daylight to work with. However, most people set up their camp at night-time. Also, most time is often spent relaxing in and around your tent at night. As a result, a portable, reliable light source is vital. In this guide, we look at the best camping lights for tents. These lights will allow you to easily light up your tent and campsite, so you can actually see what you are doing in the dark!

A camping light can make your life easier when camping

What to Look for When Choosing a Camping Light

First, let’s take a quick look at what to look for when choosing the best camping lights for tents. There are several key factors to consider including the power source and the portability. You should also consider the type of camping you enjoy. For example, when wild camping, you may need a smaller light that takes up less backpack space.

Power Source – Rechargeable or Battery?

The power source is one of the most important factors. You do not want to buy a camping light for your tent, only to find that it needs frequent battery replacements. There are three common types of power sources for camping lights – rechargeable, battery, or solar.

Battery-powered lights are the most common. Batteries give a reliable power source, but you must also carry a spare pack with you. Some camping lights utilize solar power. These are less practical as they have more parts. However, providing you have sunlight, you can easily charge them. Finally, some lights have an attached power bank that you can charge beforehand. This will store energy and keep the light running for a long period.

Light Type

Next, look at the type of light and its brightness. There are several types of light including LED, halogen, and even traditional fuel lights. We would recommend LED lights as these are the brightest, but also the most energy-efficient. LED lights require minimal energy usage and will often last longer. The bulbs themselves are also far more durable than halogen bulbs. Fuel lights such as gas lamps are also not advisable. Whilst they will also provide heat, they are not as practical and could potentially be dangerous.

Size and Portability

The size and portability of the light are also important. Oftentimes when camping, you have limited storage space. This is especially true if you are wild camping. As a result, consider how heavy the light is. Also, look at its overall dimensions, and if it has any features like a carry handle.


Lastly, how durable is the camping light? Ideally, you want a camping light that can be used safely inside and outside your tent. As a result, it should have a waterproof casing to an IP standard, or be made from water-resistant materials. Some lights also have dustproof and scratchproof exteriors to improve their longevity.

A tent lit up with a camping lantern

7 of the Best Camping Lights for Tents in 2021

To help you gain adequate lighting for your camping trips, we have gathered 7 of the best camping lights for tents. There is a range of products including budget and premium options.

1. LE Camping Lantern 1000 Lumen LED

  • Power Source – Battery
  • Light Type – LED 1000 Lumen
  • Weight – 408g
  • Link – Here
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Our top pick is the durable LE Camping Lantern. This portable device weighs just 408g and has a largest measurement of 18.4cm. As a result, it is relatively portable and should not take up too much space in your luggage. It also has a built-in handle so you can easily carry it or hang it in your tent.

For lighting, it has a powerful 1000 lumen LED bulb. This will provide a bright white light that will effectively light up your tent or campsite. For power, this camping lantern takes 3x D alkaline batteries. However, it cannot support rechargeable batteries which is something to consider. Three batteries should provide up to 12-hours of light on the full brightness setting.

This LE product is also easy to use and has a simple one-touch button function. You can cycle through different light settings using the button and adjust the brightness. Finally, this light also has an IPX4 waterproof casing for outdoor use.

LE Camping Lantern 1000 Lumen

2. YWF Camping Lights Rechargeable LED Lantern

  • Power Source – Rechargeable Power Bank
  • Light Type – LED 600 Lumen
  • Weight – 184g
  • Link – Here
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Next, we have a smaller camping light that would be perfect for wild camping trips. The YWF Camping Lights Rechargeable LED Lantern weighs only 184g and has a maximum measurement of 8.5cm. As a result, it would make for a great addition to your wild camping accessories.

As one of the best camping lights for tents, this product has an LED light that produces 600 lumens of brightness. This should be more than enough to read in your tent and perform tasks at night. For power, it has a 6400mAh power bank that is rechargeable. This should provide power for several days of camping.

It is also durable and made from IPX4 waterproof materials. Moreover, it has magnet accessories so you can attach the light to tent poles or even a car. In terms of functionality, it has three buttons to turn the light on/off, and to turn the brightness up or down.

YWF Camping Lantern

3. Lepro Portable Camping Lantern

  • Power Source – Battery
  • Light Type – LED 140 Lumen
  • Weight – 265g each
  • Link – Here

The Lepro Portable Camping Lantern set is useful if you have a larger tent or are camping with multiple tents. This is because the basic package includes four portable lights. Each light weighs only 265g, and they are relatively compact in size. You can fold the light when not in use – this makes its overall size similar to a smartphone. Also, each light has a metal hanging handle.

These lights have a lower brightness rating of 140 lumens. However, this should be enough light to do basic tasks in your tent, and around your camping area. For power, they use 3x AA batteries each (which are not included). Three batteries should provide light for up to 14-hours.

We also like that the lights are water-resistant. This means that you can comfortably use them outdoors at your campsite.

Lepro portable camping lantern

4. Fulighture Camping Lantern

  • Power Source – Power Bank and USB
  • Light Type – LED 1000 Lumen
  • Weight – 270g
  • Link – Here

The Fulighture Camping Lantern is an excellent product and one of the best camping lights for tents. It has an unusual design and three LED light panels that can be extended outwards in a triangular configuration. This allows you to cast light on a larger surface area. It also has two metal leg stands so it can be raised from the ground when used outdoors.

For brightness, the LED lights have a maximum setting of 1000 Lumen. This can provide effective lighting for up to 6000-1200ft. The light configuration can also work in 360-degrees and will easily light your tent, or act as a perimeter security light.

For charging, this camping light has both a USB charging port, and a 2200mAH battery. The 2200mAH power bank offers a limited power supply and can also be used to charge your smartphone. Alternatively, the USB charging port means that you can use a separate power bank to charge the light. This light also has a simple one-button operation and you can easily change the light mode and brightness.

Fulighture Camping Lantern

5. Black Diamond Moji Lantern Camping Light

  • Power Source – Battery
  • Light Type – LED 100 Lumen
  • Weight – 120g
  • Link – Here

If you require portability and a light that takes up virtually no space, look no further than the Black Diamond Moji Camping Light. This is a small dome light that weighs only 120g. It is also the smallest camping lantern in this list. It does sacrifice light brightness somewhat, but if portability is your main concern, this is the choice.

For lighting, it has a 100 lumen LED bulb. This is surrounded by a frosted globe casing that will help cast a gentle light in your tent. On the top of the light, there is also a durable metal handle. As a result, you can easily hang it from your tent frame.

The light is also incredibly easy to use. It has a simple button for power, but this also doubles as a dimmer switch so you can change the brightness of the light. For power, it requires 3x AA batteries and this should provide enough power for a weekend of camping.

Black Diamond Moji Camping Lantern

6. Mountain Warehouse Extreme Cree 3W Camping Lantern

  • Power Source – Battery
  • Light Type – LED 150 Lumen
  • Weight – N/A
  • Link – Here

Next, we have the Mountain Warehouse Extreme Cree 3W Camping Lantern. Mountain Warehouse is a reputable outdoor brand and this camping light offers great quality and reliability. It uses a simple 150 Lumen LED that should give a light beam of up to 20m. This should be more than enough for your campsite, and to sit in your tent.

For power, it requires 3x D alkaline batteries and we advise always carrying a spare set with you. 3x batteries should be enough for two or three days of camping, however. The light also has various light settings and you can quickly change the brightness.

This is also one of the most rugged lights available. It has a durable casing that is weatherproof and water-resistant. It also has a simple hanging hook so you can hang the light from your tent.

Mountain Warehouse Extreme Cree

7. Coleman 360 Degree Sound And Light Lantern

  • Power Source – Battery
  • Light Type – LED
  • Weight – 1225g
  • Link – Here

Lastly, we have something a little different. The Coleman 360 Degree Sound And Light Lantern provides a fantastic light source for your tent. However, it also has a built-in speaker! This could be great for those long camping nights when the weather is tough and you need some entertainment.

Due to the speaker inclusion, this device is not the lightest at 1225g. However, it is still relatively compact, but may not be suitable for wild camping trips. It also runs on standard AA batteries. Depending on the light setting, it can last for up to 40-hours, and the speaker can last for up to 20 hours. The speaker connects via Bluetooth so you can easily connect it to your smartphone to stream music or podcasts.

Coleman 360 Degree Camping Light

Don’t Struggle in the Dark – Buy One of the Best Camping Light for Tents!

There is no reason to make your camping trips difficult. Some people may simply utilize the torch from their smartphone for lighting. However, nothing beats having a dedicated camping light for your tent, and to use around your campsite. If you regularly camp, we advise investing in one today to make your night time camping experiences easier!

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