Best Camping pods in the Lake District

Best Camping Pods in the Lake District

Camping isn’t for everyone. Some people are simply not confident when it comes to pitching a tent. Also, many people prefer the comfort of a solid structure that can’t potentially blow over! However, many people also love the idea of a rustic holiday. Enter the camping pod! Camping pods are becoming hugely popular and they are highly affordable too. In this guide, we look at 5 of the best camping pods in the Lake District for you to enjoy in 2021.

Beautiful landscapes and lakes of the Lake District

Camping Pods – Camping with Benefits

So what is a camping pod? A basic description could be a wooden tent. A camping pod is essentially a wooden structure that usually has the same shape like a tent. They have a tapered roof and are usually the same size as a large family tent.

The inside varies depending on the campsite and the grade of the camping pod. However, you will usually find basic amenities and facilities such as a sleeping area and a small kitchenette. Some larger camping pods will also have an en-suite bathroom. In most instances, a camping pod is a single room.

Why then, you may ask, are they so popular? What is the draw of staying in a wooden shack? Firstly, camping pods are generally cheaper than hotels. Secondly, they provide holidaymakers with a simple and rustic campsite experience, without the potential pitfalls of tent camping. Staying in a camping pod is a great way to gently enter the world of camping, without investing in a tent and camping accessories.

Epic scenery of the Lake District

5 of the Best Camping Pods in the Lake District

The Lake District is renowned for it’s beauty and amazing landscapes. It also has some of the best campsites in the UK. In recent years, we have also noticed a boom in camping pods. Therefore, we have hand-picked 5 of the best camping pods in the Lake District for your consideration!

1. Castlerigg Hall, Keswick

  • Location – Keswick
  • Sleeps – 1-4
  • Local Attraction – Derwent Water
  • Link – Here

Keswick is one of the most popular locations in the Lake District and it sits next to the beautiful Derwent Water. Derwent has some fantastic walks and is surrounded by some amazing fells like Skiddaw and Grisedale Pike. It is also a great place for dog walking and you can find some hikes in our list of the best dog friendly hikes in the UK.

Nestled just outside the town you can find the amazing Castlerigg Hall campsite. This campsite has everything from touring and motorhome hire, and a stunning selection of camping pods. They offer 6 different types of camping pod in total ranging from the simple standard pod, up to the advanced hex pod.

If you want to keep it simple, the standard pod is the cheapest option from under £50 per night. These small and cosy pods sleep 2 people and are built from sturdy timber. They are also fully insulated with sheep’s wool. The standard pods do not have beds so you would have to bring a sleeping bad. Nonetheless, they are comfortable, homely, and a brilliant base from which to explore Derwent Water.

The campsite itself is also fantastic and spacious and has a great set of facilities including a campers kitchen and lounge.

Castlerigg Hall campsite

2. The Quiet Site, Ullswater

  • Location – Ullswater
  • Sleeps – 1-4
  • Local Attraction – Aira Force Waterfall
  • Link – Here

Ullswater is another of the great lakes in the Lake District and is one of the largest by surface area. Surrounding Ullswater, you have some amazing sites too. For example, you can hike to the top of Helvellyn which is a popular route for the adventurous. Alternatively, you could travel to the northern banks of the lake and find the hidden Aira Force Waterfall.

A perfect base for your Ullswater exploration is The Quiet Site. This is a modern holiday site that is family run. It sits to the north east of Ullswater and is not too far from the major town of Penrith. It also offers some of the best camping pods in the Lake District.

The camping pods are made locally and are insulated with lamb’s wool. This means they provide warmth and comfort regardless of the season. Like most camping pods, they do not have a bed, and you have to use the on-site toilet facilities. However, the pods each have decking at the front, and plenty of space for a couple or a family with 2 small children. The site also has a small café that serves light bites, and a host of other quirky accommodation like Hobbit holes and gingerbread houses!

The Quiet Site Camping Pods

3. Hill of Oaks, Windemere

  • Location – Windemere
  • Sleeps – 1-4
  • Local Attraction – The World of Beatrix Potter
  • Link – Here

Next, we move on to the most renowned of the great lakes – Windemere. This is where the tourists flock too and it is immensely popular in high seasons. The lake is gorgeous, and the town of Bowness on Windemere is also a charming place to visit. There is nothing quite like a boat trip on the lake or exploring the wonderful World of Beatrix Potter.

Hill of Oaks is a luxury campsite right on the banks of Lake Windemere. It has some amazing facilities and also has 7 different camping pods. This includes two safari-style glamping tents, two deluxe glamping pods, and several basic camping pods. We say basic, even the standard woodland pods are well-equipped with an en-suite bathroom and large decking area.

This site oozes charm and luxury and the location is simply fantastic. It sits just off of the A592 that leads directly to Bowness on Windemere, and also provides great access to the rest of the Lake District. All of the camping pods have beds and bedding; therefore, you do not need a sleeping bag. Also, it is important to note that only three of the seven pods allow dogs.

Hill of Oaks luxury camping pods

4. Thornfield Camping Cabins, Dalston

  • Location – Dalston
  • Sleeps – 1-2
  • Local Attraction – The town of Carlisle
  • Link – Here

Moving into the northern regions of the Lake District we have the beautiful Thornfield Camping Cabins. This small and cosy site is located to the south of Carlisle, not far from the village of Dalston. If you want a quiet and secluded retreat, not on a busy campsite, this is the perfect location.

This small campsite has 6 camping pods in total. Each camping pod has an en-suite bathroom complete with a shower and sink. They also have a comfortable sleeping area with a proper bed. This means you don’t have to worry about bringing a sleeping bag or bedding.

There is also a small kitchenette that includes a microware, sink, fridge, and storage space. Finally, opposite the kitchenette there is a small lounge area complete with a comfortable sofa. Overall, these camping pods are fantastic – they offer comfort, warmth, and have ample facilities for your stay.

The site also features a utility room complete with washing machines, freezer storage space, and a tumble dryer. We also like that each camping pod has an optional hot tub that you can hire for the duration of your stay. The hot tub has it’s own canopy and sits next to the pod.

Thornfield Camping Cabins

5. Lowther Holiday Park, Penrith

  • Location – Penrith
  • Sleeps – 1-5
  • Local Attraction – Lowther Castle & Gardens
  • Link – Here

Finally, we have the amazing Lowther Holiday Park. In contrast to the quieter Thornfield Camping Cabins, Lowther is a much larger holiday park with an array of static caravans and lodges. It also has a range of camping pods. There is a family or standard camping pod – the family pods sleep 2 adults and up to 3 children, whilst the standard pots sleep 2 adults and 1 child.

Inside, the camping pods are basic but spacious. They do not have any beds, so sleeping bags are essential. They are insulated and have carpet flooring, however. Each pod also has a small veranda, double-glazed glass doors, and an outside recreation area.

The holiday park also has an amazing set of facilities. This includes The Squirrel Inn which is a bar, a mini mart, and outdoor play area, and a games room. If you have a small family and want your children to have easy access to entertainment, this is an excellent place to stay. It is also in close proximity to the town of Penrith, and other attractions like the Lowther Castle and Gardens.

Lowther Holiday Park camping pods

Try a Different Form of Camping and Stay in a Camping Pod!

If you are not quite ready for pitching and staying in a tent, but still want a grounded experience, a camping pod is the ideal starting point. From our list of the best camping pods in the Lake District, you should have a fantastic choice. Any one of these campsites have amazing camping pods and will give you a fantastic getaway in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK.

When booking a camping pod, be sure to check on exactly what’s included. For example, some pods only have a flat camping mattress and you have to supply your own sleeping bag. Also, not all camping pods have en-suite bathrooms. You may have to use the campsite facilities.

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