Off Grid Places to Stay in the UK

Off Grid Places to Stay in the UK

It’s that time of the year where you are planning your next adventure. But what do you do? Do you stay in a nice 5-star hotel at a popular coastal location? Maybe you want to take your chances and travel abroad? If you are looking for inspiration, why not consider something different. Why not step away from modern life and try one of these 10 off grid places to stay in the UK?

These locations we have chosen are in remote areas of the UK. You will not be surrounded by modern technology, or within large urban areas. Also, these accommodations are relatively spartan and can allow you to enjoy a more relaxed and frugal holiday. If this sounds like something you would relish, check out these off grid places to stay in the UK and start planning your next holiday!

1. Tree Lodge Hideaway, The Yorkshire Dales

If you fancy stopping in a tree lodge, look no further than the Swinton Estate near Masham, in the Yorkshire Dales. This 20,000-acre estate is fantastic and has great walking trails and beautiful woodlands. It is also not too far from popular sites like Malham Cove, and Ribblehead Viaduct.

The wooden lodges are comfortable and spacious and each one can sleep up to 7 people. They have also been built to have a minimum impact on the surrounding environment. You will feel warm and cozy inside due to the wood-burning stove, and the sheep’s wool insulation. Just remember that there is no electricity, so a torch is vital!

Tree Lodge Hideaways, Yorkshire Dales

2. Catkin Huts, Dorset

Dorset is a stunning area of the UK and is a great location for off-grid holidays. It boasts some fantastic countryside and some amazing coastlines. If you are looking for something unique in this county, look no further than the Catkin Huts.

These traditional shepherd huts are located on a private lake in Dorset. The huts are surprisingly spacious and look fantastic inside. The décor is superb, and you will be incredibly comfortable here. The huts feel more like a 5-star hotel than a rustic cabin!

The true beauty is in the location – the lake is picturesque, and you can also benefit from a local chef who will create a variety of dishes for you, include meat to barbeque!

Catkin Huts, Dorset

3. Laggan Cottage, Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are remote in their own right. However, what about stopping in a cottage that cannot be reached by road? This is what you can expect at Laggan Cottage. This amazing cottage is located on the Ardnish Peninsula which is to the west of Fort William and near popular destinations like Arisaig and Mallaig.

The cottage is on a small island on the southern edge of the peninsula, and it can only be reached via a 10-minute boat ride from Roshven on the opposite shore. Aside from the remote location, this is one of the best off grid places to stay in the UK due to the amenities and rustic aspects of the cottage.

Inside, lighting is provided by paraffin lamps. There is also no electricity and even a calor gas fridge! Yes, a gas fridge! If you want a relaxing, peaceful, and unique experience, look no further than Laggan!

Laggan Cottage, Inner Hebrides

4. Larch Cabin, Lake District

Larch Cabin can be found somewhere in the Lake District… We say somewhere because the location of the cabin changes every 28 days! This is to minimize environmental impact and leave as small a footprint as possible.

Regardless, the cabin offers the perfect off-grid base for your trip. It sleeps 2 and is incredibly cozy and comfortable inside. The walls, roof, and floor are all made from wood, and the various furnishings are also wood too. For washing, there is also an alfresco bath – who wouldn’t want to take a bath outdoors with beautiful views of the Lake District?

Larch Cabin, the Lake District

5. Cabin on the Lake, Powys

The aptly named Cabin on the Lake is located in the middle of nowhere – perfect if you want peace and quiet, and a tranquil break. The cabin is on the banks of a private lake and surrounded by beautiful woodland. There is a pier out into the lake, and you also have use of a small wooden boat too to practice your rowing!

Inside the cabin, there is a wood-burning stove, a double burner gas hob, and a natural powerless fridge! For washing, there is also a pump shower in a private wooden enclosure! Finally, the toilet is lovingly named the loo with a view and looks out onto the surrounding countryside!

This is an amazing and unique place to visit, and you can easily access Snowdonia National Park or the Welsh west coast.

Cabin on the Lake, Powys

6. Wardley Hill Campsite, Norfolk

Wardley Hill Campsite is another fantastic place to stay and is nestled deep in Norfolk. The closest village is Kirby Row and aside from that, you are surrounded by beautiful farmland and rolling fields – it’s certainly an idyllic off-grid location.

The campsite has a glamping set up and covers a total of 6 acres. In terms of facilities, these are also quite rustic – these include a compost toilet and an open-topped shower! The tents are incredibly stylish and feature rustic furniture and decorations – and of course no electricity!

You can relax on the grounds, wonder by the small stream, or enjoy the surrounding peaceful woodlands. This is certainly a breath of fresh air and something completely different from modern life!

Wardley Hill Campsite

7. Comrie Croft Nordic Kata Tents, Perthshire

Comrie Croft sits to the north of both Edinburgh and Glasgow, on the edge of Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park. Its set within a beautiful location and surrounded by gorgeous woodland. There is also a tea factory, tea garden, and bike rental shop within the grounds. The woodlands are also the setting for their fantastic Nordic Kata tents!

The tents are handmade, and each has a superb wood-burning stove in the center. Although rustic, they are spacious and comfortable – the perfect base for your off-grid holiday. Each Kata also has an en-suite outhouse, that has both a shower and toilet.

The local area here is also superb to explore and fantastic for those who love the outdoors. You can find numerous trails through the woods, and this area also has some fantastic cycling routes.

Comrie Croft Nordic Kata Tents

8. Sweeney’s Bothy, Isle of Eigg

You cannot get much more remote and off-grid than the Isle of Eigg. Eigg is part of the Small Isles in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. In terms of size, it is just 9km long, and 5km wide! It also has a population of around 100 residents!

Sweeney’s Bothy is located in the north-eastern part of Eigg, near Cleadale. It sits just below a cliff and you have beautiful views across to the Isle of Rum – the largest of the Small Isles. The Bothy has been lovingly built and it is incredibly comfortable.

In terms of amenities, it has a compost toilet and an open shower on the decking. This is rustic holidaying at its best, and in one of the most remote locations, you can find in the UK! The sunsets at the bothy are also incredible.

Sweeney’s Bothy, Isle of Eigg

9. Fort Clonque, Channel Islands

Next, we move slightly further afield and head to the Channel Islands – Alderney to be specific. Alderney is a remote location in its own right and a beautiful place to visit. However, why not take this one step further and stop in an old 19th-century fort? This is exactly what you can do at Fort Clonque which sits on the western tip of the island.

To reach the fort, you must cross a short causeway – at high tide, this becomes impassable and the fort is cut off from the mainland!

It is an amazing place to stay, and you effectively book the entire fort which can sleep up to 13 people! The Island of Alderney is also great to explore, and you could spend time island hopping to explore the other Channel Islands.

Fort Clonque, Alderney

10. The Meadow Glamping, Hampshire

Glamping is becoming incredibly popular – it offers something more rustic, but still gives people relative comfort. You do not have to worry about pitching a tent, but you can still experience a thrilling outdoor holiday.

The Meadow Glamping in Broughton, Hampshire, is an excellent example of this. It is also one of the best off grid places to stay in the UK. This glamping site spans two acres in some of the most beautiful countrysides in Hampshire. You can choose from three different accommodations including a gorgeous traditional showman’s wagon.

Also, on the grounds, there is a picturesque lake, some gorgeous gardens, and the whole atmosphere is just relaxing and peaceful. Just bear in mind that there is no electricity, and there is a compost toilet!

The Meadow Glamping

Take a Step Back and Plan Your Off Grid Holiday!

This could be exactly the type of holiday you need! Modern living can often be stressful and hectic. We work long hours. Also, things like the internet and social media mean we are continually connected. Our minds can often be overloaded, and it can be difficult to switch off!

Therefore, stopping in one of these off grid places to stay in the UK could be the perfect tonic. Somewhere like Sweeney’s Bothy on the Isle of Eigg, or Larch Cabin in the Lake District could be exactly what you need! A frugal retreat like this could allow you to truly relax, rest your mind, and enjoy the great outdoors.

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