The Best Tents for Wild Camping

The Best Tents for Wild Camping

Wild Camping is an exhilarating experience. Instead of setting up at overcrowded campsites, you can trek into the wilderness and immerse yourself in nature and the outdoors. The UK has some jaw-dropping locations perfect for wild camping such as the Lake District, Brecon Beacons, Cairngorms and Peak District.

If you want to get into this type of adventure, you need the right equipment. Possibly the most important item is a tent. Not just any tent – a tent suitable for wild camping. Oftentimes when wild camping you are tackling adverse conditions or battling against the elements. Therefore, you need a tent that is durable, waterproof, but also easy to erect.

In this guide, we have selected a handful of the best tents for wild camping for your benefit. This includes some basic options for lighter trips, and some high-end options for long wild camping expeditions – enjoy!

1. Vango Banshee 300 Pro Backpacking Tent

Vango Banshee 300 Pro Backpacking Tent

Our top pick is the durable Vango Banshee 300 Pro. This is an ideal tent for wild camping and is relatively affordable too. It has a host of features to improve its weather-resistance but is also quite comfortable and easy to pitch.


– Has a durable RS Flysheet providing improved strength
– Uses a tension-band system for better stability
– Comes with a fast-pack tent bag for easy storage
– Pre-angled poles offer excellent wind-resistance

2. Berghaus Grampian Lightweight Compact 2p Tent

Berghaus Grampian Lightweight Compact 2p Tent

This Berghaus tent is a little larger than most wild camping tents and provides a little more space. It also has two access doors for greater flexibility. You could also use the two doors in a system to help keep your gear dry.

Inside, the fabric is breathable which helps retain heat whilst reducing condensation. Also, this tent is incredibly stable and has a geodesic alloy pole construction. It can easily withstand high winds and is suitable for any weather condition.


– Two-door entry to help keep equipment dry
– The inner fabric is breathable to reduce condensation
– The geodesic poles provide superior strength
– Comes with a simple compression storage pack

3. Wild Country Unisex Trisar 3 Tent

Wild Country Unisex Trisar 3 Tent

The Wild Country Unisex Trisar 3 Tent should be a viable wild camping tent all-year-round. It is 100% waterproof and includes a 4000mm HH flysheet, and a 6000mm groundsheet. All the seams are all fully taped too for extra protection.

For strength and durability, the tent poles are made from 8.5mm thick aluminium which is flexible but still gives protection against high winds. Also, the overall pack size is just 45x18cm so you can easily fit this tent in a large backpack.


– 100% waterproof with a 4000mm HH flysheet
– Also has a 6000mm groundsheet made from durable fabrics
– The tent poles are made from strong aluminium
– Is relatively lightweight at 3.1kg

4. Berghaus Cheviot Lightweight Waterproof 2P Tent

Berghaus Cheviot Lightweight Waterproof 2P Tent

This Berghaus tent could be used for wild camping or backpacking and offers superior strength and resistance. This is due to the geodesic construction, the tent poles, and the mesh pole sleeves. These features combine together to make the tent durable, and resistant to strong winds.

It is also completely waterproof and the exterior has attached tension straps so you can easily stabilize the tent. You should be able to pitch this tent within 7 minutes, and it can comfortably sleep 2 people in the door-tub style bedroom compartment.


– Has a 5000mm HH polyester ripstop flysheet
– Includes tension straps for additional stability
– The geodesic construction gives it an ideal space to weight ratio
– Has mesh pole sleeves which improve wind resistance

5. VAUDE Lizard Seamless 1-2P Tent

VAUDE Lizard Seamless 1-2P Tent

The VAUDE Lizard Seamless 1-2P Tent has a simple but effective design and is also lightweight. It compacts easily and when folded weighs just 1.35kg. You can easily fit it in a backpack and it has a total packed dimension of 40x16x10cm.

The interior is quite spacious for it is probably better suited for just one person. In terms of design, it has an internal rod channel and single arch construction. This means that it should be easier to erect, and the poles should not be exposed.


– Has a lightweight construction
– The single-arch construction makes it easier to erect
– The inner tent lining can be set up separately
– Includes additional tension ground straps

6. Vango Mirage 200 Pro Backpacking Tent

Vango Mirage 200 Pro Backpacking Tent

Our last choice is another Vango product – the Vango Mirage 200 is another great wild camping tent and has a slightly different design to the Banshee. It is waterproof and has a durable top flysheet, and all the seams are fully taped.

The shape of the tent also helps improve wind resistance and stability and improves runoff so you don’t get any water or snow build-up. We also like the shape of the interior door, and the inner materials are breathable to eliminate condensation.


– Weighs just 3.02kg when packed
– Has a 5000mm riptop flysheet
– Is also waterproof with fully taped seams
– The gothic arch pole structure increases stability

What to Look for When Choosing a Tent for Wild Camping?

So you now have some food for thought and a list of the best tents for wild camping! But which one is the best for you? Choosing the right tent can be tricky, and we advise giving it some thought beforehand. Particularly, consider the following four factors below – this should help make your decision easier:

Size & Weight

First, you should look at portability. How large is the tent when folded up? How heavy is it to carry? Does it come with a carry bag? What are its overall dimensions once erected? Ideally, the tent should be easy to carry and be able to fit inside your backpack without taking up too much space for your other wild camping essentials.


Pitching – the best part of wild camping… honest! Seriously, how easy the tent is to erect is something you can’t overlook. Ideally, the wild camping tent should be easy to pitch regardless of the weather conditions. If you are tackling difficult weather conditions, you don’t want to spend hours trying to put up an overly complicated tent.

Pro Tip – Always practice erecting your tent in your garden beforehand! Trial runs will help you understand how the tent fits together, and the quickest process for pitching it.


The essence of wild camping is being out in the elements – minimal shelter, and no comfort from a campsite. As a result, you need a tent that is durable. You do not want to be woken at 2 am in a howling storm to find your tent has collapsed!

Check customer reviews and see what experiences they have. Also, look at the description and check the tent is waterproof, windproof, and can also minimise condensation.


Finally, what space does the tent have? Wild camping tents are typically much smaller than traditional tents for campsites. They are not intended to be a luxury item – but more of a shelter.

Still, we advise looking at the internal dimensions of the tent to see how comfortable you will be. This is even more important if you are buying a two-person tent – being cramped on your own is one thing, but being cramped next to someone else isn’t ideal!

Start Your Wild Camping Adventure Today

The first place to start wild camping is purchasing a suitable tent. Hopefully, you have some ideas from the list and guide we have provided.

After this, the real fun begins – planning your first wild camping trip and deciding what fascinating part of the UK you want to explore! The possibilities are endless, and wild camping will give you a whole new perspective on the beauty of the great outdoors.

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