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Top 5 Eco-Friendly Resorts in the UK

In today’s modern world of tourism, the consumer is becoming more conscious. We are looking for more than just a place to stay or a location to go. We want to be responsible tourists – to leave as little impact on the Earth as possible, and to protect the environments and habitats we visit. This has given rise to a new type of holiday resort – the eco-friendly holiday resort.

Hotels, resorts, and travel establishments are promoting themselves as eco-friendly, and we as consumers love it! What could be better than staying in an amazing place that has minimal environmental impact? Green tourism is on the up, and to show the type of place you could stay, we have listed the top 5 eco-friendly resorts in the UK!

Why Staying in an Eco-Friendly Resort Matters?

First, let us look at the benefits of stopping in an eco-friendly resort. What does it mean? There are many aspects you can look for to show the eco-friendly credentials of a resort including:

  • Self-generating power and the use of renewable energy sources.
  • Sourcing food from local suppliers or growing their own food.
  • A recycling program and responsible waste disposal.
  • Minimal use of water.
  • Protection of local wildlife.
  • Availability of sustainable transport options.

Essentially, anyway that the resort makes a positive contribution towards the environment. So why does this matter? The benefits are obvious! For example, if a resort uses renewable energy sources, it cuts the reliance on, and usage of harmful fossil fuels.

Also, using locally source food promotes growth and economic stability in communities. Recycling is of course another huge benefit. If the resort recycles and uses recycled products, this can help reduce waste, and carbon emissions from the burning of non-recyclable goods.

Any way that a resort can reduce their usage of water is also fantastic. We often take water for granted, but it is a resource that could become scarce, and reducing our reliance on it is important. Finally, if a resort can help stimulate local wildlife, and protect their habitats, this promotes biodiversity. Also, it makes for a much more pleasant holidaying experience for you too!

Essentially, by using an eco-friendly resort, you are also making a positive contribution to our world. You are showing that you care and that you want to make a difference.

Top 5 eco-friendly resorts in the UK

What Can You Do to Make Your Holiday Eco-Friendly?

Aside from stopping in the top 5 eco-friendly resorts in the UK, what else can you do? We can all travel green. All it takes is a little care, consideration, and forethought. The following are some simple things you can do, to travel responsibly:

  • Minimize vehicular travel where possible.
  • Use recycling facilities of resorts.
  • Minimize water usage.
  • Use reusable products.
  • Leave your destination better than you found it.

These are just a few examples, but even these can make a difference. Firstly, reducing your reliance on airplanes and cars can help cut carbon emissions as these are some of the biggest culprits. Can you walk to a destination instead? Maybe invest in a bicycle?

Next, stop in an eco-friendly resort like the top 5 eco-friendly resorts in the UK listed below. However, make use of their eco-friendly facilities too! If they have recycling, do your part! Or if they advise you to use towels multiple times, do so.

You can also help reduce pollution and wastage by using reusable products. Instead of buying bottled water, buy a reusable water bottle! Instead of a plastic toothbrush, buy an eco-friendly bamboo one!

Finally, and most importantly, always try to leave your destination exactly as you found it. Don’t leave any waste, and don’t cause any damage. If possible, leave your destination in a BETTER state than you found it! If we all do our bit, we can make a difference!

The Top 5 Eco-Friendly Resorts in the UK

There are many eco-friendly resorts in the UK, and as time continues, we hope to see more. However, to start, we have listed 5 of the top eco-friendly resorts in the UK below for your benefit:

1. National Trust Eco Cottages

  • Location – Multiple destinations in the UK.
  • Type – Holiday cottages.
  • Notable Feature – Access to charging points for electric vehicles.

The National Trust is a superb organization that is responsible for the maintenance, upkeep, and development of various historical and natural sites throughout the UK. Notable National Trust sites include Dunster Castle, Lydford Gorge, The Brecon Beacons, and parts of the Lake District.

Aside from this, they also promote eco-tourism and have a section on their website dedicated to eco-friendly resorts and holidays. Here you can find some amazing eco-friendly resorts in locations like the Isle of Wight, Devon, Cornwall, and Pembrokeshire.

They work with eco-friendly resorts to ensure high standards are met. Also, any money that the National Trust makes from holiday referrals goes directly into their work. Therefore, if you stay at one of their recommended resorts, you know that you are contributing to the maintenance and upkeep of National Trust sites!

2. The Zetter Hotel, London

  • Location – Clerkenwell, London.
  • Type – Boutique Hotel.
  • Notable Feature – Borehole to supply water.

Next, we move away from rural locations and head into Clerkenwell, London. In this upmarket and stylish part of London, you can find The Zetter Hotel. This hotel utilizes some fantastic eco-friendly mechanisms and is leading the way in terms of eco-tourism in England’s Capital. No wonder it is on our list of the top 5 eco-friendly resorts in the UK.

So what makes it special? First, a 1500ft borehole supplies the freshwater for the hotel including flushing the toilets. Next, it does have air conditioning, however, if you leave your room, it will automatically cut out. This is a simple but effective feature that can help reduce energy usage. Also, this converted Victorian warehouse has been renovated using eco-friendly materials and makes fantastic use of natural light.

To top it all off, you can choose to forego the cleaning service to help reduce water and electricity usage. In return, you get an amazing £10 drinks credit! If you want to experience eco-tourism at its finest, The Zetter is certainly one of the best places in the UK to visit.

3. The Old Rectory, Cornwall

  • Location – St Boscastle, Cornwall
  • Type – B&B
  • Notable Feature – Wormery and composter for waste recycling

Cornwall is a superb part of England and has some amazing holiday resorts. It also has some fantastic eco-friendly resorts too like The Old Rectory. This is a family-run bed and breakfast in St Boscastle, Cornwall. Boscastle lies on the northern coast of Cornwall and is in reach of popular locations like Tintagel, Newquay, Port Isaac, and Padstow.

The bed and breakfast itself looks superb and was an old rectory building. The hosts are dedicated to sustainable tourism and even have their own Green Charter which details exactly how they are an eco-friendly resort. This charter is impressive for sure!

For example, they serve locally sourced foods or fair trade goods where possible. This includes fruit, veg, and eggs from their own garden! They also have a wormery and composter and recycle waste by hand to ensure nothing goes to waste. For energy, they also use solar power and encourage the use of public transport too. Not only is this an eco-friendly resort, it’s also an amazing place to stay in a great location.

The Old Rectory website

4. Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa, Cotswolds

  • Location – Malmsbury, The Cotswolds
  • Type – Hotel & Spa
  • Notable Feature – Eliminated the use of plastic

You may not have thought it possible for large manor buildings to be eco-friendly. However, this is exactly what has been achieved at the Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa. This superb 5-star venue is in a beautiful location in the Cotswolds and ideal for those who enjoy the outdoors.

Aside from being a 5-star hotel, this establishment also takes its sustainability and environmental impact seriously. For example, any food waste is turned into fuel (We don’t think you will waste any, however!). Also, they have virtually eliminated the use of plastic, and provide reusable glass water bottles. On the grounds, they have also preserved many natural habitats, and have also installed several beehives!

Top 5 eco-friendly resorts in the UK

5. Cairngorm Lodges, Aberdeenshire

  • Location – Aberdeenshire
  • Type – Eco-Friendly cabins
  • Notable Feature – Made from sustainable materials

If you want to forgo the traditional hotel or bed and breakfast, why not stop in an eco-friendly log cabin instead? This is what you can expect at the Cairngorm Lodges in Aberdeenshire. These eco-friendly lodges are located in a beautiful, wooded area, and you are surrounded by some stunning natural landscapes.

In terms of sustainable tourism, Cairngorm Lodges has won many awards and is part of the Green Tourism scheme. The cabins are heated by log burners that use wood sourced from the surrounding forest. Also, they use organic bed linen, eco-friendly cleaning products, and toiletries, and encourage guests to recycle.

They also replant any felled woodland and help protect animal habitats in the forest including those of red squirrels, and the various bird species.

Cairngorm Lodges – fantastic eco-lodges

Travel Green Today and Stop at one of the Top 5 Eco-Friendly Resorts in the UK!

We only have one planet. Therefore, protecting the environment, and traveling responsible is hugely important. Each one of us can make a difference, even if you think we may not be able to. One simple way of doing this is traveling green and staying in one of the top 5 eco-friendly resorts in the UK.

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