The Best Climbing Harnesses in 2021 – Our Picks

Best Climbing Harnesses in 2021: Our Picks

A harness is one of the most important pieces of equipment for climbing. It is something that provides safety and secures you to your rope pulley system. Depending on the system used, a harness also gives you a direct anchor point to the rock face. As a result, this is something that you must invest in. If you are new to climbing and are still gathering your gear, we have listed seven of the best climbing harnesses available in 2021 for your benefit – enjoy!

A harness is a vital piece of equipment for climbing

1. XINDA Climbing Harness

  • Size – Small to Extra Large
  • Colours – Red, Blue, Black, navy Blue
  • Link – Here

Our top pick is the XINDA Climbing Harness. This product has everything you require from a high-quality harness – adjustable straps, durable materials, a high load capacity, and comfort features. Admittedly it is a little more expensive, but you cannot put a price on quality.

For safety, this harness has a maximum load capacity of 200kg. It also has been tested and has a breaking strength of 20KN. This is due to the superior design, strong stitching, and durable 7075 aluminium buckles that are used. It also is wear resistant and has a high tensile strength.

For comfort, this harness has fully adjustable straps. You can adjust the waist belt, and also adjust the leg loops. This means that this harness is suitable for men, women, and children of all sizes. The fabric used is also thickened and provides a vital combination of safety and comfort. Also, the material is breathable which should help control your temperature and sweating.

XINDA Climbing Harness

2. Yundxi Rock Climbing Harness

  • Size – Small to Extra Large
  • Colours – Black
  • Link – Here

Next, we have the premium Yundxi Rock Climbing Harness. This is another high-quality harness that will be at the top of most people’s budgets. However, for this price, you get a durable, secure, and comfortable harness for climbing and abseiling.

The harness is made from high-strength polyester webbing. The materials are also thickened and wear resistant. For safety, the belt is CE certified and the harness can cope with a maximum weight capacity of 200kg.

We also like that this harness is lightweight and portable. It can easily be stored in a carry bag or backpack if you are traveling to different climbing locations. It should also prove comfortable and has an adjustable belt from 29-49-inches. The leg loops are also easy to adjust via a simple buckle system. The design is also considered a traditional buckle harness – this means that the weight should be evenly distributed so that you are comfortable while climbing.

Yundxi Rock Climbing harness

3. WILDKEN Multipurpose Outdoor half-Body Adjustable Outdoor Climbing Harness

  • Size – One-size fit’s all
  • Colours – Black/Grey
  • Link – Here

The WILDKEN Multipurpose Outdoor half-Body Adjustable Outdoor Climbing Harness is the last of our premium listings. This is one of the best climbing harnesses in 2021 due to the materials used, the convenient design, and the flexibility it provides.

This is a traditional half-body harness that has a waist belt and leg loops. The belt can be adjusted from 27.5-39.2-inches, and the leg loops can be adjusted from 15.7-29.5-inches. It is classed as a one-size fit’s all harness so it should be suitable for both men and women.

We also like that this harness has a range of hybrid padding sections. For example, the back, and leg sections have ample padding and should make for a much more comfortable experience. In terms of strength, this climbing harness also has high mechanical strength and is made from high-grade polyester.

WILDKEN Multipurpose Outdoor half-Body Adjustable Outdoor Climbing Harness

4. Black Diamond Climbing Equipment Alpine Bod Harness

  • Size – XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Colours – Black
  • Link – Here

Next, we have the Black Diamond Climbing Equipment Alpine Bod Harness. This is a simple but effective harness and has belay and haul loops that are rated to a strength test of 16KN. As a result, it should be suitable for rock climbing, abseiling, and caving.

The waistbelt has extra fleece padding which provides a snug fit. It also uses a traditional buckle system for connecting carabiners. The leg loops use high-quality buckles and the straps can also be adjusted. In total, there are four gear loops which are plenty for different types of rope systems when rock climbing.

For portability, this harness is lightweight and can also easily be folded. It is available in sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL. As a result, it offers varying waist sizes – 56-68cm, 66-76cm, 74-84cm, 81-91cm, and 88-99cm respectively for the different size categories.

Black Diamond Climbing Equipment Alpine Bod Harness

5. TRIWONDER Climbing Harness

  • Size – One-size fits all
  • Colours – Black, Orange, Blue
  • Link – Here

The TRIWONDER Climbing Harness offers a budget option but still provides brilliant safety and quality. As one of the best climbing harnesses currently available, this product is available in three colours – black, orange, and blue. It is also considered a one-size fits all harness.

The waist belt can be adjusted from 50-124cm, while the legs can be adjusted from 40-75cm. It also has an excellent breaking strength rating of 25KN. The adjustments for the leg loops and waistbelt are made via simple buckles but may not be as quick as some other mechanisms.

For safety and comfort, this harness has a reinforced belay loop, and reinforced stitching. The design of the harness should also evenly distribute your weight to make for comfortable climbing. Lastly, the materials are long-lasting and wear-resistant. This could be a great budget harness to invest in if you want to test your climbing skill on an indoor climbing wall, before venturing outdoors.

TRIWONDER Climbing Harness

6. nJiaMe Climbing Harness

  • Size – One-size fits all
  • Colours – Black/Red
  • Link – Here

Another great budget option is the nJiaMe Climbing Harness. This affordable harness has a range of attachments so that you can easily attach ropes, carabiners, and other accessories. This includes two equipment hooks and two D-rings on the waistbelt.

The leg loops and waistbelt have large, padded sections that are made from breathable material. As a result, this climbing harness should be comfortable to wear. You should also be able to adjust it easily. It has buckle adjustments for the leg loop straps and the waistbelt.

In terms of materials, this rock climbing harness is made from durable polyester and has reinforced stitching. This could be another of the best climbing harnesses for beginners. It offers great safety and comfort, for a relatively low cost.

nJiaMe Climbing Harness

7. Black Diamond Momentum Women’s Harness

  • Size – S, M, L, XL
  • Colours – Blue, Black
  • Link – Here

Lastly, we have the Black Diamond Momentum Women’s Harness. This is available in four sizes – small, medium, large, and extra-large. It is also available in two different colours – stone blue, and black.

The harness has padded leg loops that offer excellent comfort. They can also be adjusted via two buckles. The waistbelt has similar padding and is also fully adjustable. For utility, this climbing harness also has four pressure-moulded gear loops, and a haul loop.

We also like that despite its premium quality, it is still lightweight at just 350g. This means you can carry it easily to your rock climbing locations. For women, this is one of the best climbing harnesses available at a reasonable price too.

Black Diamond Momentum Women’s Harness

How to Choose the Best Climbing Harness?

We hope you have found this guide on the best climbing harnesses useful. But how do you choose the right one for you? There are many considerations to make and we have listed the main ones below.


First, the size is one of the most important features. Some climbing harnesses have specific sizes such as small, medium, and large. Others are classed as a one-size fits all. Either way, both types usually have adjustable leg loops and waistbelts.

As a result, we advise measuring your waist and thighs so that you know exactly what size you require. You should then easily be able to find a climbing harness that fits perfectly.


The cost is also something to consider. However, you should never put a price on your safety. A climbing harness is not an item to take risks with! That being said, you may have a set budget to stick too.

Also, you may have never climbed before. If so, you may not want to immediately purchase a premium harness. As a result, you could first purchase a budget harness that still offers the safety and support you require. If you then enjoy climbing, you could upgrade to a premium harness in time.


The comfort of a harness is also vital. There is nothing worse than trying to concentrate on your climbing if the harness is cutting into your legs and waist!

As a result, we advise looking for padding on the leg loops and waistbelt. Also, some harnesses are made from breathable material which can help reduce friction and sweating. Lastly, most harnesses have adjustable straps which means you can easily get a comfortable fit.


Finally, also look at the utility of the harness. Most harnesses have at least one belay point or accessory buckle. Some harnesses have multiple attachment points and accessory buckles. This can give you greater versatility when climbing.

Get Geared Up Today for Your Next Rock Climbing Session!

If you want to start rock climbing or bouldering you must have the correct set of equipment. You can find a list of essential climbing accessories here aside from a harness too.

A harness is one of the first things you should invest in together with a set of carabiners, and a helmet. These are important safety devices and are a must-have if you want to climb outdoors without the assistance of climbing experts.

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