The Best Climbing Helmets in 2021 for Your Safety

Best Climbing Helmets in 2021 – Our Picks

Rock climbing, bouldering, and abseiling can be dangerous. There is always the minor chance that you could fall. Also, there is the potential that rocks or debris may come loose and fall in your path. Therefore, it is essential to wear a helmet when performing any of these activities. The best climbing helmets are made from durable materials and will help protect your head from any impacts.

We appreciate that wearing a helmet can be a chore. But would you rather wear a helmet, or potentially have a life-threatening injury as a result of not wearing one? We know which we would choose! In this guide, we have picked 6 suitable safety helmets for climbing, for your benefit.

When climbing, safety gear is essential!

1. Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet AW20

  • Size – Small/Medium
  • Colours – Grey, Blue, Orange, Black, White
  • Link – Here

Our top pick for the best climbing helmets is the Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet AW20. This premium climbing helmet has it all – a stylish design, excellent protection, a comfortable fit, and impact-absorbing technology.

The Black Diamond helmet is available in five different colours – grey, blue, orange, black, and white. It is also usually available in two different size options – small/medium or medium/large. We advise checking as oftentimes only the small/medium size is available.

At just 0.34kg, this climbing helmet is lightweight and should be comfortable to wear. It also features a low-profile suspension system inside to reduce the pressure on your head. We also like that it has a series of small vents on each side to improve airflow.

The outer shell is made from durable ABS and it also has an EPP/EPS liner which helps absorb any impacts. The chin strap can also be adjusted for a comfortable fit.

Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet AW20

2. Boyd Height Endurance Vented Climbing Safety Helmet

  • Size – Medium
  • Colours – White, Orange, Blue, Yellow
  • Link – Here

Next, we have the Boyd Height Endurance Vented Climbing Safety Helmet. This is primarily a helmet for working at heights, but it also doubles as a fantastic rock-climbing helmet. It is available in four colours – red, white, yellow, and blue. The colours are vibrant and easily visible when climbing for improved safety.

For protection, the shell is made from premium ABS plastic. Moreover, inside there is a 6-point hardness plate to offer maximum protection from falling debris. It also conforms to EN 397 standards.

For comfort, the helmet weighs just 0.49kg which is still great for longer rock-climbing sessions. It also has an improved technical sweatband, and both the chinstrap and sweatband can be adjusted for maximum comfort. This helmet does also have four small vents on each side, but they are a little smaller than other helmets on this list.

Boyd Height Endurance Vented Climbing Safety Helmet

3. PETZL Boreo Climbing Helmet

  • Size – Small/Medium
  • Colours – White, Orange, Red, Blue, Grey, Light Blue
  • Link – Here

PETZL is a popular producer of rock climbing and outdoor equipment. For example, they produce a high-quality belay device. They also have a fantastic range of climbing helmets including the PETZL Boreo Climbing Helmet.

This stylish helmet is made from a combination of ABS plastic, EPP foam and EPS foam. The APS plastic is highly resistant to impacts, while the EPP and EPS foam inside provides cushioning and support for your head.

The chinstrap and head strap are both fully adjustable, so you should be able to get a comfortable fit. We also like that this climbing helmet has four clips so you can easily attach a headlamp. This PETZL helmet also weighs 0.29kg which makes it one of the lightest climbing helmets on this list.

This is one of the best climbing helmets, and it is available in six colours including PETZL’s signature bright orange colour.

PETZL Boreo Climbing Helmet

4. Climbing Technology Eclipse Helmet

  • Size – Medium
  • Colours – White
  • Link – Here

The Climbing Technology Eclipse Helmet is a multipurpose device that is suitable for men, women, and children. It has an adjustable head strap that can be altered from 48 to 56cm. It also weighs 0.38kg so will put minimum pressure on your head and neck.

This helmet is made from an ABS plastic shell, and an expanded foam interior. These materials offer the best protection and are used in most climbing helmets. On each side, there are also four large vents that will help regulate temperatures.

To improve the fit and comfort, the chin strap can easily be adjusted. Also, the head strap can be fully adjusted. The inner wrap shell is also a smaller fit which makes it better for those with a smaller head. We also like that the front of the helmet has four hooks to attach a headlamp or other accessories.

Climbing Technology Eclipse Helmet

5. Heemtle Safety Helmet

  • Size – Medium
  • Colours – Blue, Orange, Red, White, Yellow
  • Link – Here

If you want a climbing helmet that offers maximum ventilation, the Heemtle Safety Helmet is a good choice. This is because it has a series of 10 vents on the sides, front, and rear of the ABS plastic shell. As a result, your head temperature should be regulated fantastically.

You can also buy this climbing helmet in five different colours – blue, orange, red, white, and yellow. Each colour is bold and will stand out against the rock face.

Other comfort aspects of the helmet include an adjustable chin strap and head strap, and ample padding on both of these straps. The head strap can be adjusted from 54-62cm which means that this helmet is most likely too large for children.

Heemtle Safety Helmet

6. Climbing Technology Venus Plus Helmet

  • Size – Medium
  • Colours – Orange, White, Blue, Green
  • Link – Here

Our second Climbing Technology helmet is the Venus Plus. This climbing helmet looks fantastic and has a stylish design. It is also available in four vibrant colours including a highly visible green. We like the large vents this helmet has on both the sides, front, and rear. These should greatly improve temperature regulation.

The outer shell is made from lightweight ABS plastic, and the interior is made from absorbing foam polyester. The combination of these materials means that the Venus Plus weighs only 0.35kg.

To improve your comfort, the chin strap can be easily adjusted and has a simple buckle release. Also, the head strap has a padded section at the back of your head and can be adjusted from 50-61cm.

Climbing Technology Venus Plus Helmet

7. PETZL Vertex Vent Climbing Helmet

  • Size – One Size
  • Colours – Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow
  • Link – Here

Our last pick is the PETZL Vertex Vent Climbing Helmet. This advanced helmet features a Cantrefi adjustment system – this means that you can easily adjust the fit of the helmet so it stays in the middle of your head and is comfortable.

It also features a dual chinstrap to provide a secure fit and so that you can get the best position. This helmet is slightly heavier at 0.6kg, but as a result it offers some of the best safety and protection available.

It is also available in six different colours – black, blue, green, orange, red, and yellow. For ventilation, this climbing helmet also has a series of vents on each side.

PETZL Vertex Vent Climbing Helmet

What to Look for When Choosing a Climbing Helmet?

Now that we have looked at the best climbing helmets, we can offer some advice on how to choose a helmet that is suitable for you. There are several considerations to make and we discuss these below.


Firstly, the size of the helmet is important. You want a helmet that fits securely and has no chance of falling off. However, at the same time, you want it to be comfortable and not too tight.

The size of climbing helmets is usually listed either in a cm range (to account for the adjustable straps), or generic size terms such as small/medium. In most instances, a medium-sized helmet should suffice. This is because the best climbing helmets typically have adjustable straps so you can make it a tighter or looser fit as required.


Style should not be your first consideration. But we understand that the colour of the climbing helmet is important for most people. Ideally, you want a helmet in a colour that you are comfortable wearing.

Most climbing helmets are available in a range of 5-6 colours – most of which are bright. This helps improve their visibility as a safety helmet. Common colours include yellow, blue, red, orange, and white. There is usually little to no difference in price regardless of the colour.


The weight of the climbing helmet is also incredibly important. When climbing, you want to be as lightweight as possible. This will help improve your mobility. It will also make sure that you are not carrying unnecessary weight.

In most instances, you will find that the best climbing helmets weight between 0.25-0.40kg / 0.55-0.88lbs. This is incredibly lightweight considering the safety they must provide. This is a result of advancements in technology and the availability of lightweight, protective materials.


Lastly, an aspect of comfort for a climbing helmet is breathability. Wearing a helmet typically makes your head sweat and can be uncomfortable over time.

This is why you should look for the inclusion of breathable materials and ventilation in the helmet. Most safety helmets have small vents on each side that allow moisture and heat to escape. Also, they may include inner padding that is made from breathable material.

Get This Essential Piece of Climbing Safety Equipment Today!

We hope you have benefited from this guide on the best climbing helmets.

Please do not underestimate the importance of wearing a helmet. We appreciate that you often see climbers using no safety gear or safety clothing. It is possible, but it is not advised. Spending a little on a helmet, climbing harness, and other climbing accessories is a small price to pay. The alternative is potentially injuring yourself, or even having a fatal accident – we know which option we would choose!

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