Best Men’s Climbing Shoes in 2021

Best Men’s Climbing Shoes in 2021

Having a durable and flexible pair of climbing shoes is essential for serious rock climbing and bouldering. A high-quality pair of climbing shoes can keep your feet comfortable and dry. Also, they can drastically improve your grip, whilst still giving your feet the flexibility and movement required. In this guide, we look at 7 of the best men’s climbing shoes for your benefit!

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7 of the Best Men’s Climbing Shoes

You can find a fantastic range of climbing shoes, but we have chosen 7 of the best men’s climbing shoes available. This includes several premium options for serious climbers, and some cheaper options for those just starting to learn the sport.

1. Scarpa Men’s Instinct Vs Climbing Shoe

  • Sizes – UK 1 to 17
  • Colors – Black, Orange, Blue
  • Link – Here

Our top pick for the best men’s climbing shoes are the Scarpa Men’s Instinct Vs Climbing Shoe. This pair of climbing shoes is available in a wide range of sizes from UK 1 to 17. Essentially, this is a unisex pair of climbing shoes and suitable for a variety of feet sizes. You can also choose from three stylish colour combinations.

This premium pair of climbing shoes have a simple Velcro closing mechanism and the exterior is made from durable micro-suede. Inside, the shoes are comfortable and offer the right combination of padding and stability. The material is also breathable to regulate the temperature of your feet. Also, we like the durable Vibram XS Edge sole which offers a fantastic grip.

If you want a durable, highly functional, long-lasting pair of climbing shoes, these are an excellent option.

Scarpa Men’s Instinct Vs Climbing Shoe – Our Pick

2. MILLET Men’s Rock Up Climbing Shoes

  • Sizes – UK 2 to 14
  • Colors – Green, Orange
  • Link – Here

Next, we have the MILLET Men’s Rock Up Climbing Shoes. These are another excellent pair of climbing shoes and feature two vibrant colour designs – green or orange. The shoes are also available in a unisex range of sizes from UK 2 to 14.

One of the main differences with these climbing shoes is that the closure is lace-up. This gives slightly more control over the level of comfort and tightness as opposed to Velcro shoes. If you like a precise fit for your shoes, this could be a great solution.

The shoes are also made from comfortable materials including suede and synthetic fabrics on the outside. The sole is made from rubber and offers an excellent grip. This is a well-rounded pair of climbing shoes that offers a little more flexibility than Velcro shoes.

MILLET Men’s Roc Up Climbing Shoes

3. CLIMBX Rave Strap Men’s Performance Rock Climbing Shoe

  • Sizes – UK 8
  • Colors – Grey/Black
  • Link – Here

If you don’t want to invest in a premium pair of climbing shoes, the CLIMBX Rave Strap Men’s Performance Rock Climbing Shoe is a decent budget option. These pair of shoes are only available in one colour, but the grey, black, and blue design looks fantastic.

For closure, the shoes feature a simple dual-strap Velcro design. Also, they have a loop on the ankle section so you can easily carry them. For comfort, the interior features a padded collar and heel which will protect your feet during those tough climbing sessions.

Also, the shoes are incredibly durable and have double-stitching to help their longevity. The midsole is made from polypropylene and the sole has an excellent grip. If you choose these shoes, the manufacturer recommends that you purchase a size that is a full size above your standard street shoe size for the best fit.

CLIMBX Rave Strap Men’s Performance Rock Climbing Shoe – Also Great

4. La Sportiva Finale

  • Sizes – UK 5.5 to 9.5
  • Colors – Blue/Yellow
  • Link – Here

The La Sportiva Finale Climbing Shoes look fantastic and have a bolder design. They utilize a bright blue, yellow, and grey colour combination and are one of the more stylish options available. You can also buy these climbing shoes in a decent range of sizes from UK 5.5 to 9.5. With a maximum size of UK 9.5, they may not be suitable for taller people, however.

Despite looking great, these climbing shoes are also functional and comfortable. They benefit from a lace-up closure which offers greater control over the fitting. You can make them as tight or loose as you want to suit the shape and width of your feet.

The materials used are also durable and high-quality. The sole features a traditional rubber design which offers great grip on uneven surfaces. Also, the exterior is made from durable suede.

La Sportiva Finale

5. Scarpa Men’s Veloce Climbing Shoes

  • Sizes – UK 1 to 17
  • Colors – Black/Yellow
  • Link – Here

Our second Scarpa entry in this list of the best men’s climbing shoes is the Scarpa Men’s Veloce Climbing Shoes. These shoes are available in a huge range of sizes from UK 1 to 17. As a result, they are considered unisex. They are available in only 1 colour choice – black/yellow, however. They do look stylish though, and we like the minimalistic use of colour.

For comfort, the inner material is ultra-soft and has plenty of padding. The sole is also made from synthetic material and gives a firm grip on different rock surfaces. They are also lightweight to wear but are still relatively durable to withstand scratches and scrapes on jagged edges.

Scarpa Men’s Veloce Climbing Shoes

6. Red Chili Men’s 3.50631E Climbing Shoes

  • Sizes – UK 10.5
  • Colors – Red/Black
  • Link – Here

The Red Chili Men’s 3.50631E Climbing Shoes offer an excellent combination of style and comfort. These climbing shoes look great and have a vibrant red, grey, white, and black colour scheme. They look bold and will certainly make you stand out when on the rock face.

The shoes have a unique Impact Zone Wedge design on the heel. This is a small section that helps provide protection from heavy impacts on your heels when climbing. The materials used are also highly durable but offer maximum comfort.

We also like the triple-strap Velcro design of these climbing shoes. They have two smaller straps towards the bottom of the shoe, and a larger strap at the top. This provides a decent level of adjustment and allows you to close the shoes to fit your feet perfectly.

Red Chili Men’s 3.50631E Climbing Shoes

7. La Sportiva S.p.A Tarantula Men

  • Sizes – UK 1.5 to 11.5
  • Colors – Grey, Blue, Orange, Red
  • Link – Here

Our last pick is the La Sportiva S.p.A Tarantula Men’s climbing shoe. These are one of the best men’s climbing shoes due to their stylish design, comfortable fit, and durable materials. The shoes are available in unisex sizes ranging from UK 1 to 11.5. They are also available in a range of different colours including grey, blue, orange, and red.

The shoes feature a dual-strap Velcro closure which offers a decent level of adjustment. Also, the materials used in the interior and the heel make them comfortable to wear – even during longer climbing sessions.

The outer material is made from suede leather, and the shoe is classed as a medium fit. Overall, these are a great pair of climbing shoes that could be perfect for beginners.

La Sportiva S.p.A Tarantula Men

What to Look for When Choosing Climbing Shoes?

We hope you have found this guide on the best men’s climbing shoes useful. But how do you choose a suitable pair? Any one of the above picks would make an excellent choice. However, to help narrow your choices, we discuss some basic considerations below.

Best Men’s Climbing Shoes in 2021

Size and fit

One of the main considerations is size and fit. Most of the climbing shoes we have listed above are available in a wide range of sizes. Some are available in sizes suitable for both men and women. All of the shoes are also listed in UK sizes so you should have no issue understanding the size options.

You should ideally know what shoe size you are, and what shoe size fits you comfortably. However, with climbing shoes, the fit may be different. Climbing shoes are not as thick or solid as generic shoes and trainers. They are meant to fit relatively tight, without causing pain. The ideal size would be a shoe that isn’t painful to wear but doesn’t leave any gap between your heel and the opening of the shoe.

Also, consider if your feet are wide or narrow. You can often buy special wide-fitting climbing shoes as opposed to trying to cramp your feet into a standard-fit design.

Colour and design

The style, colour, and design of climbing shoes is also something to consider. This should be a secondary consideration – comfort, durability, and grip should always be primary concerns. However, you still want to look good whilst climbing right?

Oftentimes climbing shoes are available in a variety of colour combinations. Blacks and greys are commonly used. However, many shoes also have a dash of colour. What style and colour you choose is a purely personal preference.

Sole grip

The grip is vital when choosing the best men’s climbing shoes. One of the main purposes of climbing shoes is to provide excellent grip and stability. Their soles are specially designed to offer maximum grip so you can easily climb up rock faces and boulders.

As a result, you should look at the description of the shoe and see how the sole is made. Ideally, it should use durable materials that are resistant to friction.


You also want the climbing shoes to be comfortable. If you have a pair of shoes that are uncomfortable, it may detract from the enjoyment of your climbing sessions. It may also impair your abilities!

Most climbing shoes incorporate some type of breathable material that helps regulate temperatures and reduce sweating. Also, most men’s climbing shoes have padded sections on the collar and heel. Look for the inclusion of padding, the materials used, and any breathable material used.


Lastly, consider the durability of the climbing shoes. Ideally, you want a pair of shoes that are robust and will last for multiple climbing sessions. No one wants to pay money for a pair of shoes that will break after your first climb! You may want to check customer reviews and feedback to see what others say regarding durability. Also, look at the materials used and see if the shoes are waterproof or have any other qualities like dust-proof and weather-proof.

Protect Your Feet and Improve Your Climbing Grip Today!

Climbing shoes are a must-have if you want to rock climb often. They are one of the first climbing accessories we advise you to invest in. Climbing shoes can greatly improve your performance and provide much-needed grip when tackling difficult climbing routes. Also, they can make sure your feet are comfortable so you can climb for longer.

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