The best women’s climbing shoes in 2021 – Our Picks

Best Women’s Climbing Shoes in 2021

If you want to start climbing or take the sport seriously, you need a variety of climbing equipment and accessories. One of the most important items of clothing are climbing shoes. Climbing shoes are specially designed to provide excellent grip, movement, flexibility, and comfort. You can find a wide range of different climbing shoes, so to help, we have picked 7 of the best women’s climbing shoes you can find in 2021.

A woman climbing on a vertical rock face

7 of the Best Women’s Climbing Shoes

To ensure you can find a suitable pair of climbing shoes, we have hand-picked seven options. These include a range of styles and colours, and both premium and budget options for your benefit.

1. La Sportiva Women’s Tarantula Climbing Shoes

  • Sizes – UK 3.5 to 7
  • Colors – Turquoise
  • Link – Here

Our overall pick is the La Sportiva Women’s Tarantula Climbing Shoes. These shoes look great but are also comfortable to wear and have some great features. They are available in UK sizes 3.5 to 7 but are only available in a turquoise colour. This colour is stylish, however, and it is not too overpowering.

The closure mechanism uses two Velcro straps so these climbing shoes are easy to fasten. Also, we like the comfortable textile lining and interior. This allows your feet to breathe while also providing padding and protection.

The exterior is made from various materials including suede and synthetic fabrics. This makes them durable but still gives you flexibility in your movements. Overall, these La Sportiva climbing shoes are highly functional, reasonably priced, and look fantastic.

La Sportiva Women’s Tarantula Climbing Shoes – Our Pick

2. MILLET Women’s Ld Easy Up Climbing Shoes

  • Sizes – UK 3.5 to 10
  • Colors – Blue
  • Link – Here

Another brilliant budget pick is the MILLET Women’s Ld Easy Up Climbing Shoes. These climbing shoes are available in a single blue colour and are available in UK sizes 3.5 to 10. The design looks great and the shoes have a mix of blue, black, and salmon colours.

For comfort, the shoes offer a symmetrical straight fit, profiled toe, and generous heel section. This means that your feet should fit snugly whilst still feeling secure in the shoes. They also feature a durable flat rubber sole that offers an excellent grip on those tricky rock surfaces.

Due to the materials used, the MILLET Ld Easy Up climbing shoes are also flexible and should allow for great foot and toe movement. Lastly, they also feature a two-strap Velcro closure mechanism. The tongue underneath this also wraps to fit the shape of your feet comfortably.

MILLET Women’s Easy Up Climbing Shoes

3. Scarpa Vapor V Wmn Climbing Shoes

  • Sizes – UK 2.5 to 7.5
  • Colors – Aqua
  • Link – Here

Next, we have the Scarpa Vapor V Wmn Climbing Shoes. These climbing shoes are a little more vibrant in their design. They feature a bold aqua colour with dashing’s of pink and black. The shoes are also available in UK sizes 2.5 to 7.5.

The exterior is made from a microfibre suede that is breathable whilst still offering good protection. The sole of the shoe also features a special XS GRIP2 which is specially designed from synthetic material. For fastening, the shoes have a simple Velcro design with two straps.

These are a premium pair of climbing shoes and are relatively expensive. However, they should have excellent longevity, and are certainly worth the investment if you intend to climb often.

Scarpa Vapor V Wmn Climbing Shoes

4. Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoes AW21

  • Sizes – UK 1 to 11.5
  • Colors – Grey, Black, Red, Blue, White, Yellow
  • Link – Here

The Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoes have a simple design but they are available in a myriad of colours. The main colour is usually grey, but they have various dashes of colour including blue, white, yellow, and red. We also like that these climbing shoes are available in a good range of sizes – from UK 1 to 11.

These shoes are built for maximum performance, but also offer great comfort. They utilize special engineered knit technology that gives your feet great breathability. Also, the moulded rubber sole provides superb grip.

The knit technology will also sit comfortably on your skin without being too tight. This means the climbing shoes offer great support, without limiting your movement. The Black Diamond Momentum is certainly one of the best women’s climbing shoes for regular use and any experience level.

Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoes AW21

5. MILLET Women’s Easy Up 5c W Climbing Shoes

  • Sizes – UK 4 to 7
  • Colors – Green
  • Link – Here

Our second entry from MILLET is the MILLET Women’s Easy Up 5c W Climbing Shoes. These have a similar design and style to the other shoes but are available in different colours and sizes. The main colour is jasper green. This uses two shades of green – one for the Velcro straps, and one for the outer material.

These shoes are designed for beginners through to intermediate climbers and are also reasonably priced to reflect this. Under the heel, there is a foam insert that provides maximum comfort. Also, the straight-cut shape and symmetrical design make these shoes a joy to wear.

The sole also uses MILLET’s proprietary 4-point durable grip rubber. This means that they are highly durable but also give fantastic grip, regardless of the surface.

MILLET Women’s Easy Up 5c W Climbing Shoes

6. La Sportiva Women’s Miura Vs Climbing Shoe

  • Sizes – UK 4 to 8.5
  • Colors – Blue
  • Link – Here

The La Sportiva Women’s Miura Vs Climbing Shoe are another great model from La Sportiva. They feature a stylish blue and black design that uses several shades of blue on the exterior and Velcro straps. The shoes are also available in UK sizes 4 to 8.5.

For protection and comfort, these climbing shoes also use a variety of materials. For example, the upper exterior is made from suede leather, whilst the midsole is made from a special LaSpoFlex material. It also features a high-quality Vibram XS grip for the sole. This is one of the best-recognized grip types available for climbing shoes.

The shoes should also provide a comfortable but tight fit and are considered a medium width climbing shoe.

La Sportiva Women’s Miura Vs Climbing Shoes

7. CLIMBX Women’s Crush NLV Lace Rock Climbing Shoe

  • Sizes – UK 1 to 13
  • Colors – Purple
  • Link – Here

If you want something bolder, look no further than the CLIMBX Women’s Crush NLV Lace Rock Climbing Shoes. These shoes have a vibrant purple and black design that certainly stands out. The upper section is purple, whilst the bottom section is black – this forms a nice contrast.

These shoes are also available in UK sizes 1 to 13. We like that the shoes have an X-Factor Sticky rubber sole which helps gripping, even on slippery rock surfaces. Also, they have durable laces which allow you to tighten or loosen the shoes to fit your feet perfectly.

The tongue underneath the laces is also made from breathable material and will help regulate your feet temperature. If you want to look great, these are some of the best women’s climbing shoes available.

CLIMBX Women’s Crush NLV Lace Rock Climbing Shoe

What to Look for When Choosing Women’s Climbing Shoes?

As you can see, there is a wide range of climbing shoes for women available. But how do you know which is suitable for you? You should first look at your experience, and how often you intend to climb.

This should help you decide how much you want to spend. Next, look at your shoe size. As you will see below, climbing shoe sizes work slightly different, but you still need to know your standard size. To help further, we have listed some other considerations to make when looking at the best women’s climbing shoes.

Climbing shoes are vital for your safety and performance

Style and design

Most people want their footwear to look good as well as fit comfortably and perform great. The climbing shoes we have listed are relatively stylish and there is a range of colours to choose from.

Most of the designs listed have multiple colour options. In most instances, the colours are pastel or mixed with subtle blacks and greys. The CLIMBX climbing shoe is certainly the most vibrant with its bright purple top section. Alternatively, the Black Diamond Momentum is the most subtle colour scheme with only a small dash of green.


When you are climbing up a rock face or bouldering, the last thing you want to worry about is your feet being sore. As a result, the climbing shoes you buy must be comfortable. Climbing shoe comfort is partially a result of the size and width which we discuss below.

However, it also depends on the quality, design, and type of materials used. Most women’s climbing shoes use breathable fabric to help keep your feet cool. Also, they often have soft padding on the interior to help with impacts. You should also look at the heel (or lack of) and if the shoe has any ankle support.


Climbing shoes still use standard UK sizes. However, they are meant to fit differently to normal shoes and sports trainers. Climbing shoes are meant to fit tightly. Not tight to the extent that your feet hurt, but tight to fit your feet snugly.

It is, therefore, a good idea to look at the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding sizes. Also, you should consider if you have wide or narrow feet. Most women’s climbing shoes are universal and are a one-size fit. However, some manufacturers do provide special wide fitting climbing shoes too.

Closure mechanism

The closure mechanism is also important for climbing shoes. You can get either traditional lace-up shoes or Velcro shoes. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Velcro shoes are much easier to put on and take off. They also do not put as much strain on the top of your feet. Alternatively, lace-up climbing shoes offer greater control. You can tighten or loosen the laces to fit your feet perfectly.


Lastly, the grip of climbing shoes is also important. Climbing shoes typically have a flat sole that has a rubber grip. They do not have a deeply textured grip like trainers or hiking boots.

However, the materials they are made from still provide a fantastic grip for rock climbing and bouldering. Therefore, we advise looking at the shape, style, and material of the soles.

Get the Right Footwear Today for Your Climbing Sessions!

Protecting your feet whilst climbing is important. If you don’t wear adequate footwear, you could potentially clip. Also, you could easily damage your feet on jagged rocks and edges. Choosing one of the above best women’s climbing shoes will help greatly. Any of these 7 pairs of climbing shoes offer comfort, protection, style, and grip. Don’t forget to also check out our guide on the best climbing accessories for other useful equipment and clothing.

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