Best Bikes Covers in 2022

Best Bike Covers in 2022

If you love cycling, you will undoubtedly have a top-of-the-range bicycle. This could have cost hundreds if not thousands. You will have also spent hours upgrading it and tinkering with it. As a result, it is understandable that you want to keep it in great condition! A simple way to do this is by investing in one of the best bike covers.

A bike cover can be quickly placed over your bicycle or motorbike. Most designs are large enough to cover the entire bike including the handlebars and seat. Also, these covers are usually waterproof. They can therefore protect your bike from the elements if you store it outdoors at your home. Also, they are great as portable covers when you are traveling or exploring new locations on your bike.

In this guide, we have found eight of the best bike covers available in 2022. These include covers for two bikes, and even a storage shelter perfect for making repairs and undertaking bike maintenance outdoors.

1. InGroWan 210D Nylon Bike Cover

InGroWan 210D Nylon Bike Cover

Our top pick for the best bikes covers in 2022 is the InGroWan 210D Nylon Bike Cover. This is a versatile product and is highly durable. Due to its universal size, it can be used to cover bicycles, small motorbikes, and scooters.

It has overall dimensions of 200x70x110cm. As a result, it can comfortable accommodate a 29-inch bicycle or two 26-inch bicycles.

For built quality, this bike cover is made from durable Nylon. It is completely waterproof and has a waterproof rating of 2000Pa – this is an upgrade from their previous version which only had a rating of 800Pa. As a result, you can safely use this bike cover outdoors.

This excellent bike cover also has a range of useful features. Firstly, it has windproof buckles. These are easy to close and should not burst open from adverse weather. Secondly, It has adjustable elastic hems. This means that you can easily stretch the cover to fit over your bike. Thirdly, the seams are all waterproof and have double stitching for extra protection and longevity.

Included in the package you get the bike cover and a simple drawstring bag for portability.


  • Includes a drawstring bag to carry the cover
  • Made from high-quality Oxford 210D Nylon
  • Versatile size for bicycles or motorbikes


  • You may find this bike cover is noisy when its windy

2. Rockoo Bike Cover for Outdoor Storage

Rockoo Bike Cover for Outdoor Storage

Our next pick is the Rockoo Bike Cover for Outdoor Storage. This has a similar design to the above model but has some different features. One of the main advantages is that it has an anti-theft feature. The front of the cover has two metallic lock holes. This means that you can quickly secure a bike lock through the holes.

In terms of size, this Rockoo bike cover is large enough to accommodate two 26-inch bicycles. Alternatively, you can use it to store a single 29-inch bicycle. As a result, it is also useful for storing scooters, mopeds, and smaller bicycles.

The cover material is water-resistant 190T nylon. This fabric is fully waterproof but also has excellent UV protection. It also has a special PU coating. We also like that it is rustproof and should not leave any scratches on your bicycle frame.

For ease of use, the opening of the cover has elastic hems. These stretch around your bike but also snap back into place to give a secure fitting.


  • Anti-theft lock holes at the front of the cover
  • The nylon material also has UV protection
  • Relatively easy to fit over your bicycle


  • You may find that fitting two bikes on the cover is tricky

3. Ohhu Bike Cover for 2 Bikes

Ohuhu Bike Cover for 2 Bikes

If you want a larger bike cover for two bikes, the Ohuhu Bike Cover for 2 Bikes is a top choice. This is one of the best bike covers due to its larger size, great build quality, and features.

To fit two bikes, it has an overall size of 200x110x90cm. This means you can comfortably fit two bikes up to 26-inches under it. It will also provide ample space for a single bike, or over vehicles like motorbikes and scooters.

These covers can sometimes be tricky to secure. However, the Ohuhu Bike Cover has two adjustable buckle straps at the bottom. This allows you to easily secure the cover. It also gives additional wind protection.

For outdoor use, this bike cover is made from premium 210T Nylon. This is a superior type of waterproof material that is also UV resistant. Moreover, the material has heat-sealed seams, and a premium PU waterproof coating.

Lastly, to help secure your bike, this cover has two metal lock holes at the front. You can use these to fit a bike lock through and secure it to an external object like a bike rack or fencepost.


  • Large size to comfortably fit two bikes
  • Made from premium 210T Nylon
  • Includes a top buckle to hang the cover for drying


  • Could be susceptible to minor tears

4. BIFY Bike Cover for Bikes and Motorbikes

BIFY Bike Cover for Bikes and Motorbikes

The BIFY Bike Cover is a versatile product if you have a collection of bikes or different sizes. This is because it is available in three different sizes. The sizes are large, extra large, and XXL. In terms of dimensions this equates to – 190x65x98cm (L), 200x70x110cm (XL), and 200x75x110cm (XXL). As a result, you can pick a bike cover to fit your bike size with not wasted space.

This makes it ideal for any type of bike including road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX bikes, and racing bikes. The XXL cover is also suitable for bikes up to 31-inches in size.

These covers are also highly durable and should protect your bike from the elements. This is because they are made from robust 210D polyester. The polyester is waterproof and also wear-resistant. You should be able to store your bike in the cover with complete peace of mind.

To keep the cover secured, there is also a safety buckle at the bottom. We also like the simple elastic design of the cover. This makes it easy to fit over your bike.


  • Great for larger bikes up to 31-inches
  • Has a safety buckle to prevent the cover blowing away
  • Made from robust 210D polyester


  • Some customers have found damaged covers on delivery

5. BEEWAY Bike Cover for 2 Bikes

BEEWAY Bike Cover for 2 Bikes

Our last pick for this style of waterproof bike cover is the BEEWAY Bike Cover for 2 Bikes. This bike cover has a similar style to the above choices and is another great option. It is also a great budget pick at less than £15.

This durable bike cover is made from 190T Nylon. This is fully waterproof, dust-proof, and has UV protection. As a result, your bike should be protected from rain, but also from marks, scratches, and degradation of the paintwork.

We also like that this cover can easily resist high winds. This is due to the simple buckle system underneath the cover. It can be tied together to prevent it from flying off your bike. Also, it has two lock holes at the front. These are metal and are used to fit a bike lock through.

In terms of size, this bike cover can comfortably fit two 26-inch bikes. It can fit two 29-inch bikes, although the manufacturer does state that this is a tight fit. The overall dimensions are 200x100x80cm.


  • The Nylon material is rust-proof and waterproof
  • Has buckles to prevent wind from removing the cover
  • Easy to carry due to the drawstring carry bag


  • It may be a tight fit for two 29-inch bikes

6. Cave Innovations Outdoor Bike Storage Shelter

Cave Innovations Outdoor Bike Storage Shelter

If you want something a little larger and permanent, the Cave Innovations Outdoor Bike Storage Shelter is one of the best bike covers available. Unlike the other options, this is a full storage shelter and requires additional work to erect.

This shelter could be the perfect cover for bike racing or long biking adventures if you need a dry place to repair your bike. This is because it completely covers the bike and provides room to work in – almost like a tent.

It can fit up to three bicycles and is made from high-grade rip-resistant polyethylene. This means it is durable but also waterproof.

We like that this shelter also has a removable door so you can completely enclose your bike when not working on it. Although it is more difficult to use than a simple bike cover, it is still easy to assemble due to the flexible guide poles. For additional protection, this shelter also has an extra roof layer that can be attached for more waterproofing.


  • Perfect for making outdoor repairs
  • Made from premium waterproof tarpaulin
  • Includes a large detachable door


  • More difficult to use than a simple bike cover

7. BikeParka Cargo Bike Cover

BikeParka Cargo Bike Cover

If you want something more durable and long-lasting, the BikeParka Cargo Bike Cover is one of the best bike covers available. This is a premium bike cover but if you want the best protection for your expensive bicycle, it is the top choice.

The cover is made from ripstop polyester. This is hard-wearing, durable, waterproof, and tear-resistant. It is considered superior to standard nylon and polyester. The material also has an extremely high UV protection rating of 50+.

For ease of use, this premium bike cover has an elasticated bottom. This means that it fits snugly around your bike. It also had an adjustable toggle at the front wheel. This allows you to alter the size of the cover to fit your bike perfectly.

This is also one of the most stylish bike covers available. It is available in several different colors including stash, urban, and cargo. You can also get this bike cover in several different sizes. The standard size here is suitable for one bicycle up to 29-inches.


  • More durable than most bike covers
  • Has a toggle to alter the size around the front wheel
  • Great UV protection rating


  • More expensive than other bike covers

8. Velo Sock Unisex Bike Cover

Velo Sock Unisex Bike Cover

Our last pick is the Velo Sock Unisex Bike Cover. This is not intended to be an outdoor cover. However, it is the best choice for transportation and for indoor storage. This is due to the incredibly durable material and solid design of the cover.

The cover is made from water-repellent fabric and also has decent abrasion absorption. This means that it is great for transporting your bike a truck, van, or lorry, or on a car rack. It also has a flexible size that can fit up to 99% of adult bicycle sizes.

We also like that it is easy to put on. Simply place it underneath your bike and then pull the cover over. The elasticated hem will keep it secure around the top of your bike frame. You should easily be able to put it on or take it off in under 30 seconds.


  • Great for bike transportation
  • Available in a range of stylish colours and designs
  • Very easy to fit on or take off


  • Does not cover the bicycle handlebars or seat

Protect Your Bicycle Today With One of the Best Bike Covers

We hope you have found this guide on the best bike covers useful! As you can see, there is a great range of affordable bike covers available. For less than $50, you can easily buy a durable, waterproof bike cover that will protect your bicycle or motorbike when not in use.

When choosing a bike cover, be sure to check the size of your bike. Most of the covers listed above are universal. However, it is still prudent to check to make sure your bike can fit under it! Also, consider when and where you intend to use the bike cover so you can pick a suitable one.

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