The best water filters in 2021 for camping and hiking

Best Waters Filters in 2021

When camping, wild camping, or hiking, there are many essential items you need. One of the most important things is clean drinking water. Humans need water to survive. When doing tough activities like hiking that sap energy, water is even more important. This is because you can become dehydrated quickly. To ensure you always have access to clean, safe water, we have gathered a list of 5 of the best water filters in 2021.

It is possible to drink stream water

Why is a Water Filter Important for Camping/Backpacking?

So why bother with a water filter? Surely you can just carry a water bottle with you and fill it up before your adventure? Whilst this is true, what happens if that water supply runs out? What happens if you drink your bottled water and have underestimated your water allowance?

In situations like these, the best water filters are invaluable. They allow you to continue using clean water for washing and drinking, even if your original supply has run out. You can simply scoop some water from a stream or river, use the filter, and use the water as usual!

But why can’t you simply drink natural water without a filter? You can, however it is best practice to use a filter. Stream water or lake water can transmit the following water-borne infections – e coli, salmonella, giardia, and dysentery. These can be potentially fatal and leave your body debilitated without proper fluids. There is also the chance of blue-green algae and chemical pollution. In short, investing in a filter is just the sensible thing to do to prevent any of the above!

Water filters for drinking stream and lake water

The Best Water Filters for Camping in 2021

Luckily, you can find an excellent range of portable water filters. These are marvellous pieces of technology that can effectively remove chemicals and bacteria from natural water. We have searched the web and found 5 of the best water filters you can find in 2021 for camping and hiking.

1. Sawyer Squeeze Water Filtration System

SAWYER products Squeeze Water Filter

  • Price – £29.88
  • Link – Here
  • Notable Feature – Removes 99.9999% of bacteria

First, we have the ingenious Sawyer Squeeze Water Filtration System. This is a simple but amazing device that simply fits onto the end of your water bottle. To use it, you simply fill up a water bottle with water from a stream for example. Next, place the Sawyer Squeeze over the cap, and drink the water! The filtration system will work it’s magic and purify the water for you.

It’s filtration removes 99.99% of bacteria, 99.99% of protozoa, and 100% of microplastics. With an easy to use push-pull cap, this really is a simple product to use. It will also comfortably fit in your pocket or backpack as it weighs just 0.2 pounds.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Simple to use in-conjunction with a bottle.
  • Removes 99.99% of bacteria, and 99.99% of protozoa.


  • Will require replacing after a while.

2. MSR HyperFlow Microfilter Water Filter

MSR HyperFlow Microfilter Water Filter

  • Price – £97.00
  • Link – Here
  • Notable Feature – Can pump more than 3 litres every minute

Next on our list of the best water filters is the MSR HyperFlow. This is a different device and has a manual pump system. This means that you must manually pump the water to filter it. Obviously, this takes more effort than other product on this list. However, it also provides a far larger capacity of filtered water. For example, it can pump 3 litres per minute.

This water filter is also still relatively small and weighs just 7.4oz / 209g. With a longest length of 17.8cm, it can also easily be stored in a backpack. If you wild camp often, this is also a great choice. This is because it is easy to maintain and can be quickly cleaned for future usage.


  • Pumps one litre every 20 strokes.
  • Can be easily cleaned and maintained for multiple uses.
  • Bottle adapter to quickly connect to a water bottle.


  • Requires hand pumping.

3. Platypus GravityWorks Water Filter

Platypus GravityWorks Water Filter

  • Price – £106
  • Link – Here
  • Notable Feature – Meets EPA/NSF guidelines

Another type of larger capacity water filter is the Platypus GravityWorks. This water filter utilizes the principle of gravity and therefore requires no pumping. At one end, you have a 4 litre dirty water reservoir. This is where you put the water to be filtered. At the other end, is the 4-litre clean water reservoir. These are connected by a tube and the filter.

This is a minimal effort system to use. You can literally fill the dirty water reservoir, hang both bags up (one higher than the other) and let the filter work. One filter cartridge can also filter up to 1500 gallons of water, so it has an excellent shelf-life. In terms of filter power, it removes 99.99% of bacteria, and 99.9% of protozoa.


  • Gravity fed – no pumping.
  • Has a large capacity 4 litre dirty water reservoir.
  • Easy to use.


  • Not as compact as some other products.

4. Katadyn BeFree Water Filter 1L

Katadyn BeFree Water Filter 1Lv

  • Price – £44.00
  • Link – Here
  • Notable Feature – Both a filter and a water bottle

The Katadyn BeFree Water Filter is both a filter and a water bottle. This makes it easy to use and works brilliant as a source of clean drinking water. The filter effectively removes sediments and cysts to give you clean water. The filter membrane is also easy to clean so you can use it multiple times.

We also like that the bottle is made from 100% BPA and PVC-free materials. The hydration bag also folds easily and can comfortably fit inside a trouser pocket. Although this model is only a 1L variant, you can also buy smaller and larger capacity bags – from 300ml up to a large 3L model. In terms of output, this water filter has a throughput rate of 2L per minute.


  • Has a fast-flow filter system.
  • 100^ PVC and BPA free materials.
  • Effectively removes cysts and sediments.


  • Not as high capacity as other models.

5. 2XPLORE Personal Water Filter

2XPLORE Personal Water Filter

  • Price – £15.99
  • Link – Here
  • Notable Feature – Small and lightweight design

Last on our list of the best water filters is the 2XPLORE Personal Water Filter. This is a small device that is easy to use and great for emergencies. It has a simple tube, and at each end, there is a cap. It also contains a straw. To use it, you essentially remove the caps, place the straw into the water, and start drinking! The filter will clean the water for you instantly.

This product is proven to remove cryptosporidia, organic debris, and other potentially harmful water organisms. It is also made in a bright orange plastic so is highly visible. This makes it great in emergencies. Finally, it is long-lasting and can filter up to 1000L of water.


  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Can filter more than 1000L of water.
  • Bright colour for added safety.


  • Not as high capacity as other products.

Invest in a Water Filter and Always Have Access to Clean Drinking Water

Hopefully, you may never need to use a water filter. However, having one of the best water filters will ensure you never get stuck in a tough situation without clean water. Also, filtering water could potentially save your life and protect you from harmful bacteria and minerals.

If you wild camp often, and regularly need to fill up with clean water, one of the more robust filters could be a better option. For example, the Sawyer Squeeze is a multiple-use device, and you could take it on many camping trips. Alternatively, if you want a simple safeguard, a cheaper option like the 2XPLORE Personal Water Filter could be the better choice. Either way, be prepared and invest in a water filter – you never know when you may need one!

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