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10 Waterfall Walks in the UK

In the UK, you can find some amazing and varied scenery. You can also find some beautiful waterfall walks. Sure, there might not be epic falls like Gullfoss and Niagara, but we have some great contenders that are arguably surrounded by more picturesque and beautiful scenery.

If you love walking and hiking and want to experience something new, we have found 10 waterfall walks in the UK. From the heady heights of Malham Cove in the Yorkshire Dales to the epic Four Waterfalls Walk in the Brecon Beacons – there is something for everyone to enjoy!

1. Four Waterfalls Walk, Brecon Beacons

The Brecon Beacons is lovingly known as waterfall country, and one of the best spots is the Four Waterfalls Walk in Aberdare. Located between Merthyr Tydfil and Neath, there is a dedicated car park for the trail that has a small number of spots.

The trail itself spans across a wide area and covers some gorgeous scenery including woods and hills. As you guess, there are four waterfalls to see on the way – Sgwd Clun-Gwyn, Sgwd Isaf Clun-Gwyn, Sgwd y Pannwr, and Sgwd-yr-Eira. Each is just as impressive and you can even walk behind one of the waterfalls if you don’t mind getting a little wet!

Four Waterfalls Walk, Brecon Beacons

2. Glenariff Nature Reserve, Ballymena

Traveling across to Northern Ireland, the Glenariff Nature Reserve is one of the most beautiful glens in the country and has some absolutely stunning scenery. It also has some dramatic churning waterfalls which have specially built walkways that travel alongside the water.

The waterfall walk is one of the most popular in this nature reserve, however, the whole area is dotted with fantastic trails and the park covers 1185 hectares in total. If you are based in Ballymena or on the east coast of Northern Ireland, this is a must-visit park and waterfall trail!

Glenariff Nature Reserve, Ballymena

3. Malham Cove, Yorkshire Dales

Malham Cove is more of a seasonal waterfall walk and it does not always have a huge amount of running water. If there has been heavy rain then you can expect more water to fall over the edge of this impressive limestone rock face. However, if there has been a dry spell, you may only see a small trickle of water!

In ages past, there would be a more powerful waterfall and stream passing over the cliff. Regardless, Malham Cove is an amazing place to visit and is one of the most striking limestone formations in the Yorkshire Dales. There is parking in the small village of Malham which is also the start of the trail that leads to the waterfall and the cliff.

10 Waterfalls walks in the uk - Malham Cove, Yorkshire Dales

4. Ingleton Waterfalls, Yorkshire Dales

Located in the western part of the Yorkshire Dales next to the small town of Ingleton, the Ingleton Waterfalls are a brilliant place to visit. The more adventurous hikers could also hike to the top of the nearby Ingleton mountain which has historic iron age ruins on top!

If you want a gentler walk, however, the waterfalls are achievable for all. There is a large car park that marks the start of the trail ad you can simply follow it along the River Twiss. The route is circular and it passes through a gorgeous forest and eventually climbs up to where the waterfall is located. It’s a brilliant sight, and the whole trail offers a myriad of natural and geological features.

Ingleton Waterfalls, Yorkshire Dales

5. Aberdulais Falls, Port Talbot

The Aberdulais Falls is the only waterfall walk in this list that features falls that help generates power. This waterfall is found on the River Dulais and is situated on a 2-hour round walk known as the Craig Gwlady’s Walk. This walk is suitable for all the family and the terrain isn’t too challenging

Aside from the amazing waterfall which has quite a wide drop, there is also a cool waterwheel and the old Aberdulais Aqueduct which is a fantastic piece of industrial architecture. There is also a decent walking trail that carries along the River Neath and Neath Canal.

Aberdulais Falls, Port Talbot

6. Hardraw Force, Wensleydale

Did you know that Hardraw Force was actually featured in the fit 1991 film “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”? Yes, you can walk somewhere that Kevin Costner has been! Anyway, regardless of the fame, Hardraw Force is stunning and a fantastic location to visit in the Yorkshire Dales.

You can access the waterfall walk from the car park of the Green Dragon Inn. It is then a short walk through a wooded area and gorgeous countryside. The waterfall itself has a modest drop of 30m, but this actually makes it the largest single-drop fall in England!

Hardraw Force, Wensleydale

7. High Force Waterfalls, County Durham

The High Force Waterfalls are located in the North Pennines Area of Natural Beauty on the River Tees. There is a dedicated car park for the falls and this area next to the High Force hotel just off of the B6277. You can reach this impressive waterfall from a trail from the car park that passes through stunning wooded areas.

Also, the Pennine Way passes along the course of the river and there are also two other waterfalls in close proximity – Bleabeck Force, and Low Force. High Force, however, is the most impressive. It crashes over a rock cliff face into a churning pool below and continues the path of the River Tees.

High Force Waterfalls, County Durham

8. Hayburn Wyke, Yorkshire

Hayburn Wyke is located on the fantastic Cleveland Way walking trail to the north of Scarborough and is one of the most popular outdoor spots in Yorkshire. It is relatively secluded and the best parking option is a small car park next to the Hayburn Wyke Inn pub.

The walk passes through a gorgeous forest where you can see various birds and wildlife. Eventually, you will reach a stony beach that stretches out onto the sea, and the pool in which the waterfall drops into. This trail is a pleasant walk, and you can make it as short or as long as you wish as the Cleveland Wat stretches for miles along the East Coast of England.

Hayburn Wyke, Yorkshire

9. Aira Force, Cumbria

The Lake District itself is one of the most beautiful places in the UK and fantastic for walking and hiking. However, Aira Force takes this beauty to new levels. This waterfall is located just off of Ullswater which is one of the most popular lakes in the region.

You can access the waterfalls from two locations – either the dedicated car park just off of the A592, or from a side road off of the A5091. The waterfall travels for some 65ft and you can see and hear this epic display of nature from far away. The sound is awesome and it is truly breath-taking.

Aira Force, Cumbria

10. Steall, Glen Nevis

Finally, we have the amazing Steall Waterfall in Glen Nevis. This is the second tallest waterfall in Scotland and drops for some 120 metres. Nestled in-between Ben Nevis and Binnein Mor, the scenery here is impressive – you are surrounded by epic mountains and the waterfall eventually flows into the Waters of Nevis River.

It is a truly breath-taking sight and it is certainly one of the most dramatic waterfalls on this list. The best walk to see this natural beauty is the Glen to Locan Walk. For the most part, the terrain is relatively flat and easy to navigate, but we would still advise wearing footwear with a firm grip as it can get slippy.

Steall, Glen Nevis

Explore the UK Today and Try to Track Down These Epic Waterfalls

For your next outdoor adventure, why not try tracking down one or more of these superb waterfalls? The thrill of the search is part of the fun. You can take in the gorgeous scenery along these walking trails, and at the end, you are rewarded with a mighty display of nature in the form of a waterfall – what could be better?

Remember to check out our guide on the most epic walks in the UK too for more walking inspiration.

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