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Berghaus Expeditor Trek 2.0 Review – Sturdy, Light, and Comfortable

Having a sturdy and reliable pair of walking boots is essential if you often venture on longer walks and hikes. Without the correct footwear, your feet may become sore and damp during wet weather. This can lead to potential health risks. It can also reduce your enjoyment and make walking a chore. One of the best pairs of women’s walking boots available is the Berghaus Expeditor Trek 2.0. In this Berghaus Expeditor Trek 2.0 review, we take a look at these premium walking boots and see if they are suitable for you!

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Berghaus Expeditor Trek 2.0 Overview

The Berghaus Expeditor Trek 2.0 walking boots are stylish and understated. They use a muted range of colours, together with the subtle exterior styling. If you want a simple and functional pair of hiking boots and aren’t concerned with bright colors intricate designs, these will make a great choice.

In terms of comfort and functionality, these boots are difficult to fault. They provide excellent grip, regardless of the terrain. Also, they give excellent padding for your feet, and also give good protection and support for your ankles. You can comfortably wear these walking boots for longer trips without feeling any discomfort.

The Berghaus Expeditor Trek 2.0 boots are also waterproof and will effectively keep your feet dry. In terms of drawbacks, there aren’t any major ones. Admittedly, these boots are in the higher price range and there are certainly cheaper options available. Also, we would advise choosing the darker grey/black colour if you want to keep your boots relatively clean. The lighter grey colour will stain easier and have more noticeable dirty patches.


  • Excellent grip for difficult hiking terrain.
  • Comfortable to wear with padded soles and ankle support.
  • Understated and simple exterior style.
  • Fully waterproof.
  • A great pair of all-purpose boots.


  • The lighter grey colour is difficult to keep clean.
  • They are not the cheapest of walking boots.

Berghaus Expeditor Trek 2.0 Review – Features and Utility

To give you a clear overview of what you can expect from the Berghaus Expeditor Trek 2.0 books, we have broken the review into separate categories. This includes specifications, durability, comfort, price, and suitability.

General Specifications

First, let’s quickly look at the basic specifications of these walking boots. Also, you can find the best current price for the Berghaus Expeditor Trek 2.0 on Amazon.

  • Available sizes: UK 4 to UK 8.
  • Colours: Dark Blue/Grey or Dark Grey/Black.
  • Weight: 830g / 1.8lbs (For a UK size 6).
  • Cushioned EVA midsole for shock absorption.
  • Super Grip OPTI-STUD sole for maximum grip/
  • Closure: Lace up.
  • Shoe Width: Medium.
  • Outer Boot Material: Leather.

We like that there is a full range of sizes available. This means that anyone can find a pair of these boots regardless of their feet size. It is also important to note that these boots are classed as a medium width. You should consider this if you have wide or narrow feet.

The outer material is made from suede leather, whilst the inner material is durable textile. We also like that the boots have a special cushioned EVA midsole which helps with absorbing shocks when hiking. The boots also feature a simple crossed lace-up design and the laces are durable and should not need replacing for a long time.

There are several colour options available including dark grey, light grey, brown-grey, and navy grey. The different colour combinations are effective but subtle.

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The Berghaus Expeditor Trek 2.0 boots are durable and will withstand regular use. The materials are tough whilst still being comfortable. Also, the exterior suede leather is waterproof. As a result, you should have no problem walking in wet and damp conditions.

Berghaus Expeditor Trek 2.0 sole view


When walking and hiking, the comfort of these walking boosts is excellent. The cushioned soles really help reduce pressure on your feet and allow you to walk for greater distances. These soles are made from cushioned EVA. Also, the breathable material means that your feet should stay cool and not sweat as much.

The ankle support is genuinely comfortable too unlike some walking boots. There is ample padding surrounding the ankle section. This will support your ankles, but also prevent chafing.

If you are tackling tough terrain, the OPTI-STUD grip on the sole of the boots will help greatly. It should allow you to plow through muddy and rocky terrain without too much difficulty.


The style of walking boots is also something to consider. Whilst walking boots should primarily be functional, you want them to look decent too! We like the understated style of the Berghaus Expeditor Trek 2.0 walking boots. Compared to some boots, they have a simple design with basic patterns and textures. Nothing too outlandish or vibrant.

The different colour pallets are also relatively muted and stylish. We like the light grey/brown combo, although these lighter colours will get dirtier quicker. The dark grey/black colour combination is probably the safest choice – you can’t go wrong with black shoes!

Berghaus Expeditor Trek 2.0 top-view


Lastly, for our Berghaus Expeditor Trek 2.0 review, we must look at the price. It is important to understand that these are premium walking boots. Their price hovers around £100 which many people may not want to pay. Also, there are plenty of walking boots that are much cheaper. However, with a cheaper product, there is often a reduction in quality.

For the quality, design, and comfort of these boots, the price tag is definitely warranted. Whether you consider the price to be acceptable depends on your circumstance. For example, if you enjoy long hikes and camping trips regularly, you may want to invest in a premium pair of boots like these.

Other Similar Walking Boots to the Berghaus Expeditor Trek 2.0

We hope you can see the merit of these boots from our Berghaus Expeditor Trek 2.0 review. However, we appreciate these walking boots may not be your style. Therefore, we have provided a list of three suitable alternatives from other popular manufacturers:

Mountain Warehouse Byzantine Vibram Boots

A similar priced and design boot to the Expeditor Trek 2.0 are the Mountain Warehouse Byzantine Vibram Boots. These boots fit into a similar category of high-end premium walking boots. They are made from tough waterproof IsoDry material that allows your feet to breath, whilst keeping rain out. The sole also uses advanced technology to provide superior cushioning for those longer walks.

The outer material is made from suede, and they have a simple lace-up design. In terms of size, they are also considered to be a medium width boot, and have sizes available from UK 4o to UK 8. We feel that the Berghaus Expeditor Trek 2.0 has a slightly better style and color pallet than these boots, but they would still make a decent alternative.

Mountain Warehouse Byzantine Walking Boots

Jack Walker Women’s Waterproof Hiking Boots

If you are looking for a cheaper pair of footwear that still offers decent quality, the Jack Walker Women’s Waterproof Hiking Boots could be a good alternative. These boots are much cheaper than the Berghaus Expeditor Trek 2.0 at nearly half the price. This obviously results in a lesser quality, but they are still fit for purpose.

The boots are made from breathable waterproof fabric – suede leather on the exterior, and textile on the interior. This should keep your feet warm whilst not allowing sweat to build up. Also, the soles are long lasting and are slip resistant. This is great when you are tackling tough hiking routes with unpredictable terrain. If you don’t need the ultimate pair of walking boots, this Jack Walker product could be a great budget option.

Jack Walker Women’s Walking Boots

Northwest Territory Ladies Peak Premium Leather Walking Boots

Northwest Territory is another popular hiking brand and they have the Northwest Territory Ladies Peak walking boots. These boots have a more old-school design which some may prefer. They are relatively plain and available in black, brown, or brown waxy. If you are looking for something a little more traditional, these boots could be a great choice.

The outer material is leather, and the inner material is durable textile. They are waterproof and have a rubber sole that provides a fantastic grip. In terms of size, they are available in UK sizes 4 to 8, and are considered a medium width boot. The heel is also 1-inch. For price, these Northwest Territory boots sit somewhere between the Berghaus Expeditor Trek 2.0 boots, and the Jack Walker boots.

Northwest Territory Ladies Peak Walking Boots

Are the Berghaus Expeditor Trek 2.0 Walking Boots right for You?

We hope you have found this Berghaus Expeditor Trek 2.0 review useful! But are these boots right for you? This depends on your circumstance and usage. If you rarely walk and simply want a pair of boots for those times you do venture out, thee Berghaus boots could be a little expensive.

However, if you are an avid hiker and walk regularly, these boots are certainly worth the investment. They are comfortable to wear and will help you walk long distances without any problems. The waterproof design, breathable fabric, and excellent sole grip are all great features too. For serious walkers, the higher price of these Berghaus boots is certainly worth it.

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