Best Thermal Hat for Winter Hiking

Best Thermal Hat for Hiking in the Winter

Hiking and walking in the winter presents a different challenge. During the spring and summer, you want to dress appropriately without getting too warm. However, in the winter, it is vital that you keep warm. One of the simplest ways to keep warm is to invest in the best thermal hat for hiking in the winter.

It is a commonly known fact that our head is one of the primary areas where we loose heat. As a result, a thermal hat that covers your head and ears offers excellent protection from cold weather when hiking. In this article, we have chosen 6 options including beanies, bobble hats, and trapper hats, to protect you when you venture outdoors this winter!

A thermal hat is a must-have for long winter hikes

1. Columbia Watch Cap Beanie

  • Size – One Size
  • Colors – Black, Navy, Amber, Green, Graphite
  • Link – Here

Our top pick for the best thermal hat for hiking in the winter is the Columbia Watch Cap Beanie. This hat is everything you need – it’s stylish, protective, comfortable, and easy to maintain.

You can buy this hat either in a one-size-fits-all version, or sizes 6.5 to 7.5. Also, it is available in six stylish colors. The color choices are subtle and not overpowering and range from deep amber to navy blue – these are all typical winter colors.

Columbia Watch Cap Beanie

In terms of design, the beanie is simple with a ribbed rim and a stitched logo on the front. It is made from acrylic and polyamide and is also machine washable. Please bear in mind that the fold is kept in place by a single stitch at the rear – as a result, it cannot fold down.


  • Subtle but stylish design
  • Made from comfortable, warm, and stretchy material
  • Available in a range of subtle colors


  • May not fully cover your ears

2. DANISH ENDURANCE Classic Merino Wool Beanie

  • Size – One Size
  • Colors – Grey, Black, Blue, Light Grey, Pink, White
  • Link – Here

Merino wool is known for its insulating properties and is used in many winter garments and accessories. As a result, you can expect the DANISH ENDURANCE Classic Merino Wool Beanie to keep your head and ears warm, regardless of the weather.

The hat is made from 55% Merino wool, and 45% polyester. It uses a special sweat-wicking fabric that should be smooth and comfortable against your skin, but also reduce sweating. The stretchy material also means that this is a one-size-fits-all beanie and should comfortably cover your ears.

DANISH ENDURANCE Classic Merino Wool Beanie

We also like that this hat uses recycled materials which makes it a sustainable product that has a minimum environmental impact.

For a seal of approval, the DANISH ENDURANCE Classic Merino Wool Beanie has also been tested by mountaineer, Rasmus Kragh. Kragh was the first Danish person to climb Everest without the use of supplemental oxygen! As a result, you can rely on the quality and usability of this beanie for your winter outdoor expeditions.


  • Tested by hiking experts
  • Made from insulating Merino wool
  • Unisex and available in 6 different colors


  • May not be as durable as other hats due to the longevity of wool

3. HASAGEI Winter Beanie

  • Size – One Size
  • Colors – Black, Blue, Grey
  • Link – Here

In this list of the best thermal hat for hiking in the winter, the HASAGEI Winter Beanie has one of the most sophisticated designs. This is a traditional winter beanie, but it features a double-layer design. On the outside, it is made from knitted material. However, on the inside, it also has a fleece lining.

HASAGEI Winter Beanie

This adds an extra layer of protection and insulation against the cold. The longitudinal weaving also means that it should fit your head comfortably and have a little stretch without feeling too tight. Due to the size and shape of this hat, it should also comfortably fit over your ears.

The hat has a single size, and it is considered a unisex design for both men and women. In terms of colors, this beanie only has three available options – blue, black, and grey. Teach design uses two main colors and has an interesting pattern on the fold.

For hiking, but also for winter sports like snowboarding and skiing, this is a great choice. In terms of materials, it is made from 50% polyester and 50% acrylic. Please bear in mind, that the HASAGEI Winter Beanie is not machine washable and must be hand washed.


  • The fold can be altered to fit different head sizes
  • Simple but comfortable and ergonomic design
  • Double-layer design for maximum protection against the cold


  • Is not machine washable

4. Arcweg Winter Fleece Hat

  • Size – One Size
  • Colors – Black, Dark Grey, Royal Blue
  • Link – Here

The Arcweg Winter Fleece hat is another great option for those cold winter hikes and adventures due to its double-layer design. Like the HASAGEI Winter Beanie, this hat has an outer layer and an inner lining for better insulation. The outer layer is made from high-density polyester, while the inner layer is made from super soft spandex.

The combination is fantastic and means that your head will be warm without irritation. The outer polyester layer will keep the cold out, while the inner spandex layer will be comfortable on your head. The material of the inner thermal layer should also not irritate your skin.

Arcweg Winter Fleece Hat

The hat has a typical pull-on design, but it does not have a fold that can be adjusted. However, it should still fit different head sizes as the material is super stretchy. The one-size-fits-all design should be suitable for people with a head circumference of between 55-62cm.

In terms of colors, the Arcweg Winter Fleece Hat has three variants – black, dark grey, and royal blue. The colors are subtle and will easily match your other winter attire.


  • Has a double-layer design for great comfort and heat retention
  • Stretchy design for a comfortable but warm fit
  • Fully machine washable


  • Does not have a fold for size adjustments

5. Comhats Unisex Winter Trapper Hat

  • Size – Small, Medium Large
  • Colors – Blue, Red, Black, Green, Grey, Navy, Coffee
  • Link – Here

If you want something a little more robust and stylish, why not consider the Comhats Unisex Winter Trapper Hat? This provides far more protection than a traditional beanie. This is because it has large earflaps that completely enclose your ears.

It also benefits from a faux fur lining that adds great insulation but also makes it incredibly comfortable to wear. The earflaps are kept in place by a fastening that can be fastened underneath your chin. We also like the front peak of this trapper hat that is also covered in faux fur.

Comhats Unisex Winter Trapper Hat

In terms of materials, this hat is made from quality polyester and has a soft inner fleece lining. It is also available in a huge range of colors and designs. Most of the designs have a tartan pattern that uses bold primary color and a darker secondary color. Examples of colors available include red, green, coffee, and navy.

This really is the best thermal hat for hiking in the winter if you want maximum protection!


  • Large earflaps for maximum protection
  • Insulating and comfortable faux fix lining
  • Available in lots of stylish tartan patterns


  • May become too warm during strenuous hikes

6. HEAT HOLDERS Chunky Knit Fleece Lined Beanie

  • Size – One Size
  • Colors – Charcoal/Red, Black/Charcoal, Grey/White
  • Link – Here

Our last pick is the HEAT HOLDERS Chunky Knit Fleece Lined Beanie. This is a traditional beanie but it also has a bobble on top which makes it stand out. While most of the hats in this list have a muted design, this HEAT HOLDERS beanie looks amazing and has a traditional knitted design that uses several different colors.

While this hat looks great, it is also highly functional. To protect you against the cold, it is made from a specially designed heat holder’s thermal yarn. This helps retain heat but still allows for breathability. As a result, you should be able to stay warm without sweating during longer hikes.

HEAT HOLDERS Chunky Knit Fleece Thermal Beanie

This fleece-lined beanie has a one-size-fits-all design, and the material stretches fine to fit different head sizes. For longevity, this hat is also fully machine washable. If you want a winter hat that stands out more and has a cool design, this HEAT HOLDERS option is a great choice!


  • Stylish winter design
  • Made from comfortable thermal materials
  • Simple pull-on one-size-fits-all design


  • Only has three different color options available

Protect Yourself This Winter With a Quality Thermal Hat

We hope you have found this guide on the best thermal hat for hiking in the winter useful. Wearing a hat is one of the best ways to keep the cold at bay when you venture outdoors during the winter.

You can use a hat in combination with other winter clothing like gloves, socks, and a winter jacket. This combination of clothing allows you to stay warm and enjoy your winter hikes without potentially getting ill or simply shivering and feeling cold!

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