Best walking socks in 2021 for men and women

Best Walking Socks in 2021

There is a wide range of equipment you can invest in for walking. Walking spikes, a waterproof jacket, and a headlamp are just a few examples. But what about your feet? People often overlook the importance of their feet when walking. Aside from having a high-quality pair of hiking boots or shoes, what about your socks? In this guide, we look at the best walking socks you can buy in 2021. These socks will help you remain comfortable and walk easier for longer distances!

Walking socks help make your trips enjoyable

The Importance of Adequate Footwear for Walking

The best walking socks can make a huge difference in your walking and hiking trips. Firstly, a durable and comfortable pair of walking socks give padding for your feet. When you are walking long distances, your feet can easily become sore. Walking socks offer extra padding and help prevent your hiking boots or walking shoes from rubbing on your feet and ankles.

Secondly, walking socks can help keep your feet dry and warm. Wet feet are firstly uncomfortable. However, in extreme cases wet feet can lead to conditions like trench foot. It is therefore important to keep your feet dry and protected if you are walking in poor weather conditions.

Essentially, the best walking socks help improve your hiking experience. They can improve your longevity, allow you to walk for longer, and help protect your feet.

7 of the Best Walking Socks in 2021

There are many brands of walking socks available. The common features to look for include the type of material, the insulation, the size, and the thickness. These all affect how comfortable the socks are, and how suitable they are for walking. In the below list, we have picked 7 pairs of walking socks based on this criterion for your benefit!

1. Jeep Terrain Men’s Stone Luxury Walking Socks

  • Sizes – 6-11 UK
  • Colors – Stone Grey
  • Link – Here

Our top pick is the Jeep Terrain Men’s Stone Luxury Walking Socks. These socks are a bargain and you get three pairs for less than £10. Regardless of the bargain price, the socks are of amazing quality and are perfect for walks and long hiking trips.

The soles of these best walking socks are cushioned from the heel to the toe. This helps protect your feet from aches and pains during those long walks. Also, the socks have extra padding compared to standard socks. They are chunky and durable which again improves your comfort and longevity for hikes.

In terms of materials, the socks are made from cotton, polyester, and elastane. They can also be machine washed. This particular pack is available in UK sizes 6-11, but you can get other sizes. The stone grey color is simplistic but stylish. We also like the large Keep logo at the top of the socks. You can also get a variant of these socks for women which are featured later in this guide.

Jeep Terrain walking socks for men

2. YUEDGE Men’s Wicking Breathable Walking Socks

  • Sizes – 6-9 UK
  • Colors – Red, Blue, Light Grey, Grey, Black
  • Link – Here

YUEDGE is a popular producer of some of the best walking socks available. Therefore, the YUEDGE Men’s Wicking Breathable Walking Socks are one of the top choices. This pack of 5 pairs of socks presents brilliant value for money and excellent quality.

This product is for UK sizes 6-9, however, you can buy other sizes. We also like the available colors. In the standard multi-pack, you get red, blue, grey, light grey, and black. Each sock also has various light grey patterned trim.

In terms of functionality, the socks are made from cotton, polyamide fibre, and spandex. The fabric is breathable and the material will keep your feet cool and dry, regardless of the weather conditions. This is partially due to the specialized moisture-wicking management technology.

These YUEDGE socks also give great padding and flexibility due to the elasticity and the design of the Y-heel. This should reduce friction, and still give your feet room for movement.

YUEDGE Hiking Socks for Men

3. KOOGEAR 3 Pairs Women’s Hiking Socks

  • Sizes – 4-8 UK / 8-11 UK
  • Colors – Blue, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Green, Light Blue
  • Link – Here

The KOOGEAR Women’s Hiking socks look fantastic but are also highly functional. They are available in two size groups – UK 4-8, and UK 8-11. The socks are stretchable too, so should easily fit your feet regardless of the size. We also like that you get three pairs of high-quality socks for less than £20.

For colors, there are five different sets available. These include blue, pink, purple, yellow, green, and light blue. The colors are pastel and not too overpowering. The top of the sock also has the company logo emblazoned onto it, and there is a stylish grey trim on different sections of the socks.

The socks are made from cotton, polyamide, and elastane. This provides for a comfortable fit. The material also includes high-density cushioning on the soles and heel, and stretchable arch support. Essentially, the socks will fit fantastically, but also give your feet plenty of padding for those strenuous hikes.

KOOOGEAR hiking socks for women

4. Rymora Merino Wool Hiking Socks

  • Sizes – 3-5 UK / 7-10 UK / 10-13 UK
  • Colors – Grey, Brown, Green
  • Link – Here

Merino wool is one of the best materials for insulation and is often used in outdoor clothing. Therefore, you can be assured that the Rymora Merino Wool Hiking Socks will feel fantastic and keep your feet incredibly warm. The Merino wool is naturally breathable and anti-bacterial which helps promote your foot health. Also, the socks will regulate your foot temperature so they should never be too hot or cold.

In terms of sizes, these Rymora socks come in three size options – UK 3-5, UK 7-10, and UK 10-13. This means that they are suitable for both men and women. You can also get the socks in three distinct colors – green, grey, or brown. The grey option is also available as a pack of three socks.

Despite being made of Merino wool, the socks are still lightweight and will fit comfortably. They also have ventilation arch mesh which will help reduce sweating and keep your feet cool. These are some of the best walking socks available and are great for cold climate hikes too.

Rymora Merino Wool socks for men and women

5. FEIDEER Men’s Hiking Socks

  • Sizes – 6-9 UK / 8.5-11.5 UK / 11.5-14 UK
  • Colors – Black, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Brown, Blue
  • Link – Here

The FEIDEER men’s hiking socks are another brilliant product that offers great value. For less than £25 you get 5 pairs of durable, comfortable walking socks.

You can get the socks in three different size ranges which should cover any type of foot. The smallest is UK 6-9, and the largest is UK 11.5-14. There are also five different multi-pack variations in terms of color. You can get a simple all-black pack, or a vibrant multi-pack with blue, orange, grey, black, and white colors.

The socks are made from soft breathable fabric. This is a composition of cotton, polyester, and spandex. They also have excellent moisture control which helps reduce sweat from your feet but also protects them from damp walking conditions.

We also like that the soles are cushioned – the bottom is thicker which helps prevent foot fatigue when walking longer distances. Finally, these walking socks are elasticated and should give a comfortable fit whilst still allowing flexibility in your movements.

FEIDEER walking hiking socks for men

6. Alaplus Men’s Wicking Breathable Socks

  • Sizes – 3-5 UK / 6-9 UK / 9-12 UK / 12-15 UK
  • Colors – Black, Light Grey, White
  • Link – Here

The Alaplus Wicking Breathable Socks are some of the best value available. If you hike often, this is a great offer as you get 6 pairs of high-quality socks. The socks have some excellent features specifically to improve your comfort and durability whilst walking.

This includes reinforced anti-slip soles which can absorb impacts and reduce friction. They also have moisture-wicking mesh panels. This technology helps improve breathability so your feet do not sweat as much.

These socks are incredibly comfortable and you can get them in four different size groups. This includes UK 3-5, UK 6-9, UK 9-12, and UK 12-15. Also, they are available in three simple colors – black, light grey, and white. The socks are fully elasticated, and also have a stylish coloured pattern on the heels. If you want multiple walking socks for your frequent trips, these Alaplus socks are a perfect choice.

Alaplus Walking Socks

7. Jeep Terrain 3 Pairs Women’s Hiking Socks

  • Sizes – 4-8 UK
  • Colors – Rose Purple
  • Link – Here

Lastly, we have another pair of the best walking socks for women. The Keep Terrain Women’s Hiking Socks are essentially the same as our featured pair. However, they have different sizes and a design and color range for women. The single size should fit UK feet sizes 4-8 and in the standard pack you get three pairs of socks for less than £10!

This is great value, but the socks are also of fantastic quality. They are made from a combination of cotton, polyester, and elastane. This makes the socks comfortable and provides excellent padding for those long hiking trips. The Jeep logo is embroidered into the side and heels of the socks, and the soles of the socks also have a fantastic grip.

Jeep Terrain hiking walking socks for women

Protect Your Feet and Make Your Walking Adventures More Comfortable

Don’t forget about your feet when hiking! After all, without your feet, walking would be incredibly difficult. If you invest in a pair of the best walking socks you will get greater enjoyment from your hiking trips. Instead of having sore feet and ankles, or damp feet, a quality pair of socks will keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable! For walking inspiration, please feel free to check out our various walking and hiking guides!

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